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How to take better family photos

Hannah Harding is an award-winning content creator and photographer. Hannah is a self-taught, natural light photographer who immersed herself fully in photography as a form of creative therapy for postnatal depression and anxiety after having her son. She’s since grown it into a career that she adores. Here are her top tips to get the most out of your family photos.

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Move away from posed photos

Family photographs aren’t just about making children stand around and pose while shouting “say cheese!”. Don’t get me wrong; posed photos have their place and there’s something very satisfying about capturing that perfect family shot. But my heart lies with candid photos. Bonus: clients often say that these are their favourite captures, too!

Image Clouds and cuddles by Hannah Harding



Keep children engaged with the camera

Getting that eye-sparkling smile straight to camera can be tricky with children. If you have another adult with you, get them to tell jokes and do silly things behind you. If you’re alone, chat to the children before you start the shoot or as you warm up. For example, ask them about their favourite foods. I find: “Can you think of the biggest bowl of chocolate ice cream in the world?” works wonders if you want a magical smile.

Image First time charm by Hannah Harding



Photographing active children

If children are moving around a lot, it can be difficult to get a sharp, focused image. Timing is everything. I like to run in front of the family or children, find myself a good spot and then take a few frames as they move towards (and often past) me. Or, you can use something to distract the child. I’d ask them interesting questions like, “What does that cloud look like?” or, “Can you find any ladybirds?”.

Image Lost in wisteria by Hannah Harding


You can find four more tips and images from Hannah, as well as the stories behind the images featured above here!

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