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Backdrops for lay flats

Posted on Nov 1, 2019

When it comes to looking for backdrops, there are three key factors to consider. I want something that looks good, doesn’t cost too much and isn’t too big, so will be easy to store and transport. Thankfully the backdrops from Club Backdrops tick all of those boxes.

With brands both big and small constantly churning out social content, the demand for images of products shot on pleasing backgrounds has continued to grow, and Club Backdrops has definitely found an ideal spot in the market. The vinyl backdrops come in a variety of designs and sizes, and are both water resistant and flexible. They come rolled up in a tube, which makes them easy to store, and if you order several they’ll come in the same tube so you don’t have multiple packages to find homes for. The quality of the vinyls is quite impressive; they have a nice thickness to them, which makes them feel durable.

I shot a variety of different products on the backdrops to show just how varied the designs are. To put the water resistance to the test I marked one vinyl with lipstick, which I then cleaned with a damp sponge – the lipstick was cleared and there was no damage to the vinyl, it just needed a couple of quick wipes to dry it. With this in mind, the vinyls are ideal for photographers who need to shoot food or beauty cosmetics and don’t want to worry about spills.

As well as a whole variety of ready-made designs available, you can also make a custom order. I needed some backgrounds that were specific colours and the team was able to product exactly what I needed, very quickly and with great communication throughout.

It’s not just vinyls that Club Backdrops does; it also creates canvas backgrounds, which are more suitable for hanging to shoot portraits with, but can also be easily used for lay flats. You can read photographer Ian Farrell’s review of these here. Alternatively, the vinyl backdrops can also be clipped up allowing you to use them as a backdrop.

The vinyls are priced at £20 for a 60x90cm vinyl or £40 for a 90x120cm – and you can also take advantage of the 3-for-2 offer!

Want to join the club? Visit the Club Backdrops website to find out more.

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