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Mitsubishi Electric CP-M1E test: the power of the cube

Posted on Nov 29, 2019

Offering excellent value for money and edge-leading printing performance in a compact package, the Mitsubishi Electric CP-M1E is the ideal solution for event and function photographers.


The demand for compact, high-capacity, high image-quality printers has grown in recent times. Leading printer manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric has responded to that with the CP-M1E. Mitsubishi Electric has been in this market since 1994 and is acknowledged as a leader and expert in dye-sublimation printing technology.

Aimed at photographers selling on-the-spot prints at events, dinner functions, parties and weddings, the CP-M1E offers a compelling mix of great features, making it the perfect solution for such occasions.

The Mitsubishi Electric CP-M1E is a very portable printer, weighing in at just 14kg and its 0.105 sq m footprint means it doesn’t take up much workspace and it’s easily transportable. Despite its small size, the CP-M1E features a dust-resistant design that includes a positive-pressure air flow during use to force out any dust and small particles, while simultaneously keeping the print engine cool and running efficiently.

Set-up is easy with a three-step process for both loading ink and paper. With ink, for example, it is just a case of opening up the printer front, pushing the preassembled ink cartridge firmly into position and closing the printer front. It’s as quick, simple and fuss-free as that.

Replacing paper is a simple three-step process, too. Open the printer, put in the paper roll and close the cover. Not that you’ll need to change paper very often; just one roll of Mitsubishi Electric media gives up to 750 10x15cm (4x6in) or 375 15x20cm (6x8in) prints. The printer has seven size options, ranging from 5x15cm (2x6in) to 15x20cm (6x8in).

Printing speed is impressive, too, with a 10x15cm taking just 12 seconds and, thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s anti-curling technology, prints emerge flat. An optional coated-metal catch tray is available to collect prints as they exit the printer.

So far we have discussed the CP-M1E’s portability, reliability and usability, but we shouldn’t overlook the unit’s exceptional print quality, because it excels here, too, with a rich, saturated and life-like colour rendition. But maybe even more impressive is the unit’s ability to accurately render very fine detail in the highlight and shadow areas.

All in all, the Mitsubishi Electric CP-M1E is the ideal dye-sub printer for the image-conscious photographer who wants fast, reliable and exceptional quality output from a portable unit, all at a truly compelling price.

On test

1. Open the front cover to access the ink and paper compartments.

2. Loading is simple: just locate and firmly push in the ink cartridge.

3. Once the ink cartridge is in place, it’s the turn of the paper.

4. One roll of paper is enough for 750 10x15cm prints.

5. Once everything is loaded, close the lid and you’re ready to print!

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Mitsubishi CP-M1E key features

The Mitsubishi Electric CP-M1E has a guide price of £570 plus VAT and is available from official UK stockists. The CK-M68 media pack costs £61 plus VAT, and includes a paper roll and dye-sublimation pack – enough to print 750 10x15cm or 375 15x20cm prints.

Mitsubishi CP-M1E

For more details, please visit the Mitsubishi website or read about the Mitsubishi CP-M1E here.

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