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Posted on Nov 29, 2019

Photo-editing software needs to be powerful, capable and have the creative tools to satisfy the needs of the most demanding photographers and content creators. The great value Affinity Photo has the potential to tick all the boxes.


Affinity Photo is an extremely capable and fully featured image editing software suitable for image creators and photographers of all levels, from those who want to tweak and enhance their JPEGs to top-end professionals who need an advanced workflow solution. So it’s absolutely perfect for those workers who shoot Raw, want to focus stack, merge HDRs, create beautiful panoramas and need to work on their images in multi-layer set-ups. It’s so powerful that even when working on the huge Raws of the latest high-megapixel-count cameras you get real-time live editing, plus it is also the first fully featured professional photo editing software to have total file compatibility across Windows, Mac and iPad so now you can work on the same file on any device.

Image Affinity Photo’s Focus Merge feature lets you stack your shots quickly and accurately

Photographs can be fine-tuned and enhanced using the software’s many tools such as Levels, Curves, and Black & White; and the effects of these adjustments can be observed instantly, are non-destructive and can be edited at any time. Then there are dedicated tools for retouching, cloning, blemish removal and for making accurate selections. Plus, unwanted objects can be removed with the Magical Inpainting brush.

For creative effects, Affinity Photo has live filter layers that let you apply lighting, distortion and blur as non-destructive layers that you can erase, mask or adjust at any time, and with impressive speed.

Image Make the most of stunning scenes and shoot a panorama for stitching later in Affinity Photo

Edited images are saved as Affinity Photo files and finished files can be exported as JPEGs, TIFFs and PNGs among many other file formats.

Affinity Photo also works seamlessly, using StudioLink technology, with Publisher, Affinity’s new professional publishing software, and Designer, Affinity’s graphics app. This allows one-click switching between the three apps, giving a fully integrated workflow.

Publisher is a powerful publishing software with features including advanced typography, custom shaped text frames and a full range of export options, to produce pro-level, beautifully designed books, brochures, newsletters and posters.

With StudioLink, you can be working in Publisher and with a click on the Affinity Photo icon you are instantly and seamlessly in that software. Now you can edit an image and with a click on the Publisher icon, you are back in that software. It’s a very cool feature that means you only have one window open on your desktop, and it speeds up workflow tremendously.

Affinity Photo, now in version 1.7, is available as an outright purchase so no need for a monthly subscription. You can download a trial version to check out its vast potential.

Available for Windows, Mac, iPad

Affinity Photo is available as an outright purchase for Windows and Mac at £48.99 and for iPad at £19.99. The Windows and Mac versions are available as free trials.

Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer are available for Windows and Mac (Designer is also for iPad) and each software costs £48.99 as an outright purchase.

For more information, please visit the Affinity website.

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