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Whether you’re looking to collate all of your best photos for a portfolio, create a family album to share with loved ones, or need to create a wedding or portrait album for a client, Colorworld has a wide range of photo albums and books to choose from. There are multiple paper types, materials and colours available, too! Business development manager Mike Brydon tells us more about the range.

What is unique about the Colorworld range of photo albums and books?

Colorworld have been producing wedding albums and photobooks for over ten years. During this period, we have dedicated our time to producing products that we ourselves would be proud to own for our special day.

Producing a product such as an album or photobook requires a variety of skills, including colour management, high printing and old-fashioned book binding. It’s this combination that comes together to make a Colorworld album or photobook.

Our main album ranges  are the Artisan and Renaissance range. The Artisan is a combination of matted and flush-mounted pages, while the Renaissance range has digital-style pages.

We have included all our albums and photobooks as templates in our Colorworld Designer Pro software, allowing the user to quickly produce their designs with minimum effort, but maximum effect. We also pride ourselves on aiming for a five-working-day turnaround for both albums and photobooks, whilst offering discounts for multiple copies of the same design.

Do you have a personal favourite?

It’s got to be the Artisan album. This has the traditional style of matted pages but has been given a modern upgrade with flush mounted pages as well. It’s also available in both black or white mattes and can be designed really quickly in our Colorworld Designer Pro software.

Which albums are most popular with customers?

The most popular by far is the Renaissance with an acrylic cover in either 12x12in or a 14x10in landscape format. A great upgrade to this is a metallic print under the acrylic to really make the front cover pop.

Which albums would you recommend for weddings or portraits?

A great option for portrait photography is the Lifestyle albums, available in both Artisan and Renaissance styles. Generally, portraits albums have fewer pages in them, so we offer a thicker page in order to keep the album feeling substantial and of high quality. Wedding photographers generally go for the Renaissance range of albums, and if you’re looking for a budget range, the photobooks are a great alternative.

Discover the range

Coffee table books
Get personal with a coffee table book, with the option to fully customise the front cover, which wraps around the front, spine and back of the book. A maximum of 80 spreads is available and you can choose from sizes 6x6in up to 12x12in.
From £37.08

Madrid self-adhesive albums
If your client isn’t quite sold on a modern printed album, then you could go more traditional with the Madrid self-adhesive albums. At a much lower price than the rest of the range, the price includes the album, prints and full assembly, as well as a free black presentation box. Sizes are available from 5x5in to 12x12in, with parent and mini albums also available, which make great gifts. The Madrid self-adhesive album covers feature stylish wrap-around magnetic strips with silver trim, and the option of lustre, gloss or metallic printing; you can even choose to have the cover embossed!
From £51.11

Lay flat books
Keep your photos super flat and avoid page creasing with a lay flat book, which allows images to sweep across the spine for a clean feel. The Lay Flat books are available in sizes from 10x8in to 12x12in, with 220gsm silk coater paper and a choice of linen and photo wrap covers.
From £70.41

Renaissance albums
The Renaissance Art albums come in a range of sizes from 7x5in up to 16x12in, and allow you to include anything from ten to 80 pages, including double-page spreads, thanks to the large range available. With a variety of colours offered, the option to cover your album in any luxury material you wish – and a wide range of genuine Italian leather options to choose from – you can create a truly personal album.
From £89.72

Renaissance lifestyle albums
With extra thick pages, the Lifestyle album range gives a chunky yet trendy feel to your album. Perfect for portraits, baby, boudoir, christenings and lifestyle photos you can choose from 8x8in, 10x10in and 12x12in sizes with a maximum of 12 spreads. There is a wide range of covers and colours available, and it comes with a black presentation box.
From £102.21

Artisan lifestyle
The smaller version of the Artisan album is the matted Artisan Lifestyle album, which comes with a black presentation box and is available in black or white. With the choice of linen, buckram, leather and silk covers there’s plenty to choose from.
From £102.21

Fine art albums
Show off your shots in the stunning Fine art album using Matte Fine Art paper, which offers longevity and better colour vibrancy, and comes with a black presentation box. Available in sizes 7x5in to 16x12in, with a maximum of 40 spreads, it’s perfect for wedding albums, christenings and portraits. Choose from a wide range of covers, as well as genuine leathers, silks and linens.
From £113.57

Mini albums and books
Perfect as gifts for family members or bridal parties, make an up sale by offering your clients mini albums and books that replicate the main album to share with others. The Mini books are printed on 170gsm silk coated paper, perfect bound and supplied in packs of ten. They are made to measure five inches on the shortest edge, with the longest edge matching the proportions of the main album. The Mini Photo albums measures four inches on the longest edge and come in packs of four.
Mini Books £119.60 for a set of ten
Mini Albums £119.60 for a set of four

Artisan albums
Hand-crafted by the Colorworld team, Artisan Albums are perfect for wedding clients and are available in 16 types of genuine leather. They range in size from 12x9in to 16x12in, with a maximum of 20 spreads. Prints can be done in Lustre, Gloss or Metallic printing, and there is a wide variety of cover materials.
From £261.16

For more information, please visit the Colorworld Imaging website. 

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