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London Camera Exchange: High-street

Posted on Mar 9, 2021

Despite living in an online age, camera stores such as London Camera Exchange, winner of Best Retailer in the PN 2020 Awards, still offer plenty to consumers


There’s certainly a gratifying ease to clicking on an item, inputting a few details and having it delivered straight to your door. Despite this, there’s much to be said for actually handling a bit of kit in the world of photography. This provides you with a deeper understanding of exactly how the product performs before you potentially commit hundreds of pounds and a good few years to it. Beyond that, choosing the right camera, lens or accessory is simply much easier with an expert. So, before you click ‘buy now’, consider taking advantage of your in-person options.

As far as high-street camera stores go, they don’t get much more reputable than London Camera Exchange. As a testament to that reputation, our readers have just voted it Best Retailer in the Photography News 2020 Awards.
When it comes to gear, London Camera Exchange offer a vast range of the latest offerings from all of the key brands across cameras and accessories. It also remains true to its roots, holding thousands of second-hand items – old and new – which satisfies a growing trend among consumers for used goods.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, store visits are not a viable option for many. Thankfully, London Camera Exchange also operate online. This even extends to the part exchange or sale of used kit, which can be negotiated via the retailer’s microsite (

The key difference that sets London Camera Exchange stores apart from online retailers is the ability to speak with experts. The team’s expertise in the field of image making is undeniable, whether you converse in store or over the phone.

london camera exchange
London Camera Exchange stores stock a wide range of kit from the biggest brands, with bodies, lenses and accessories all on offer

All in all, the customer experience provided by the company’s branches is difficult to replicate online, or even for much larger chains. This can be traced back to the company’s beginnings.

The original London Camera Exchange was opened by two studio photographers-turned-dealers in Guildford in 1956, and it has remained in the family since. Despite branching out, stores remained very much at the heart of their local communities, each with their own expert staff, unique deals and loyal customers.

The brand owes much of its success to this business model, which has enabled it to thrive while others have suffered. Even today, the customer remains at the heart of everything the company does. Only UK-sourced goods are sold in its 26 stores across the country and it continues to grow, with another opening imminently on Bristol’s busy Park Street. A five-star rating on Google also reflects how highly the business is regarded.

So, next time you’re in the market for imaging gear, don’t just jump straight online. You might find a great deal, and much more, at London Camera Exchange.

Find out more over on the London Camera Exchange website.

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