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Wonderful works for your wall

Whether you’re looking for a canvas print, boxed frame or maybe even a special, coloured mount, Colorworld Imaging has everything you need to make your image truly stand out


Colorworld Imaging has been producing framed prints for several decades now, meaning the team has an immense amount of experience in choosing mouldings and mount colours. The team also has enormous collective experience in how to produce a high-quality framed print across the range of mouldings offered by Colorworld Imaging. Business development manager Mike Brydon tells us more.

What should people consider when deciding which product is best for them?
There are a number of factors you should identify that will help you choose the right product. Ask yourself questions such as: where will the frame be hung in the house or business? What type of style am I looking for: contemporary or traditional? Also, keep in mind the size that is required. A small frame on a huge wall can be very easily lost and can lose its wow factor, while a traditional mahogany frame with gold mount board wouldn’t work very well in a modern house with white walls; so it’s important to choose the right product. Here at Colorworld Imaging, we are more than happy to offer our suggestions if customers would like a sounding board to bounce ideas off.

Would you recommend certain products, paper types or frames for specific genres?
Over the years, the print media used has developed significantly, which means the customer has a greater choice. Fine-art papers can have a dramatic effect on an image, so it’s important to make the right choice. Rolling landscapes look fantastic on fine-art paper, as do stunning portraits and artwork. Colorworld Imaging also offers metallic paper from Kodak, which looks amazing for most images.

Which wall products are the most popular?
We find that different products appeal to different markets, ie we sell more canvas prints in the schools’ market, while framed prints sell more in the portrait and landscape market. Our relationships with our key suppliers like Lion and Larson-Juhl (formally Aqadia) give us access to a vast range of mouldings that, even if we don’t stock them, we can obtain at a customer’s request.

Do you have anything new in the wall product range?
Colorworld Imaging has been developing a new manufacturing procedure that allows us to create frame mount board in any colour. Although there are a lot of different mount board colours available, sometimes a customer is looking for an exact match to something. Simply tell us the hex colour code and we will produce your mount board to that exact colour and, for a limited time, there is no additional charge for this service.

Discover the range

Box frames
Available in sizes 8×6 to 34×13 inches, Colorworld Imaging box frames allow your prints to be mounted flush, meaning your images ‘pop’. You can choose from satin, gloss or metallic finishes, and black, silver, beech and gold frames. Bespoke sizes are also available on request.

Canvas wraps and MDF frames
Printed on high-quality inkjet prints, canvas wraps and MDF frames are laminate-sealed to protect your image and come ready to hang! Sizes are available from 10×8 to 40×36 inches, and bespoke sizes available at request, with framing options of 12mm or 18mm MDF to choose from.

Canvas box frames
Using the same printing and material as the canvas wraps, the canvas box frames are framed with either a black-wash or white-wash moulding, with the canvas wrap positioned 10mm inside, still allowing you to see the sides of the wrap. Sizes are available in 10×8 to 40×36 inches.

Mount boards
Once you’ve chosen the frame option which is best for you, there are nine mount board colours to choose from: beaujolais, black, bottle green, charcoal, cobalt blue, ivory, polar white, white and sepia.

Framed prints
There are 34 wonderful options to choose from in a wide variety of sizes and colours, which include black, silver, bronze, champagne, mahogany, tan, pale beech, taupe, blue and many more.

For more information, please visit the Colorworld Imaging website. 

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