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Cornish Seascape Workshops: ‘You, me, your camera and the sea’

Posted on Feb 4, 2022

Enhance your coastal photography with this unique workshop in Cornwall 

Chris Simmons is an award-winning photographer specialising in seascapes with over thirty years of experience working in Design and Advertising. Over the last decade, he has been sharing his passion for capturing beautiful Celtic coastlines with fellow photography enthusiasts around the world on a course like no other.

Founded in 2013, Chris’s Cornish Seascape Workshops offer individuals and couples the chance to gain a deeper understanding of the sea and coastal photography. The workshops have been designed with the simple remit of ‘You, me, your camera and the sea’, placing the emphasis on helping individuals to achieve their photography goals whilst respecting the tideline, which can be compromised when working with larger groups.

The immersive, residential course lasts between two and five days and is tailored to your individual needs, be you a budding beginner or a fully-fledged pro. Chris will accompany and guide you throughout multiple location shoots, offering his expertise and forty years’ worth of experience exploring Cornwall’s rugged coastline.

During these coastal shoots, you’ll learn how to observe and faithfully capture visual narratives in the ever-changing coastal environment, noticing tide changes and the sea’s relationship with the elements. Chris will show you how to fully utilise the camera’s manual settings to immortalise these moments in your photography.

The workshop also includes several post processing sessions using Camera Raw and Photoshop CC on 27″ Retina Display iMac Pros, which will allow you to unlock the full potential of your images and accurately capture the atmosphere of the original scene.

The course is based in Crantock on the Atlantic Coast and includes accommodation, food and workshop travel. For more information, visit Chris’s website or get in touch with him at [email protected].

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