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Discover Nikon’s new European Ambassadors

Posted on Sep 21, 2021

Image: Nigel Danson, Nikon European Ambassador

Nikon has selected four renowned photographers to join its talented team of European Ambassadors

The Nikon Ambassador initiative began in 2013 with the aim of putting a spotlight on Europe’s most talented photographers and sharing stories from a range of different perspectives. Nikon’s Ambassadors play an important role in encouraging others to pick up a camera and discover the endless potential of image-making as a way to change attitudes and inspire positive change.

Meet the photographers

Nikon’s new European Ambassadors are already big names in the photographic industry, specialising in disciplines ranging from wildlife and nature to weddings and fine art portraits.

Originally from Finland, Konsta Punnka‘s work as a wildlife, nature and adventure photographer has taken him to many different parts of the world, but his main focus is on arctic wildlife. Konsta believes that photography is an art form capable of provoking emotions and a tool for sharing incredible moments in nature with the rest of the world. He wants people to see animals in a different light and experience the pure essence of nature – in the hope that they will be inspired to protect it.

The next photographer to join Nikon’s European Ambassadors is award-winning Danish wildlife and nature photographer, Morten Hilmer. Morten discovered his love for photography whilst stationed in Greenland for over two years with the military. He used a Nikon D2X to hone his skills, leading him into professional photography specialising in arctic wildlife and Danish mammals. He has been on expeditions to the Arctic and has produced documentaries and articles for various broadcasting companies.

Like Konsta, Morten collaborates with organisations such as WWF, ICOS and the BBC to raise awareness of the challenges facing the natural world and its wildlife. Both photographers hope that their photographs will encourage others to take better care of the planet.

The third photographer announced as a European Ambassador for Nikon is Frøydis Geithus, a talented Norwegian wedding photographer who is also well-known for her distinctive fine art portraits. Her work has received many awards and has featured in various blogs and magazines around the world. For Frøydis, becoming a Nikon Ambassador gives her the opportunity to contribute her own unique approach as a photographer and artist to Nikon’s growing family of photographers.

Last but not least, Nikon’s fourth European Ambassador is award-winning landscape photographer and videographer, Nigel Danson. Nigel has always been passionate about photography, ever since he discovered in his youth that taking photos was an ideal way for a person with dyslexia to express themselves. However, it was only after he quit his corporate job as CEO of an international software company that he began to pursue photography professionally. He now shares his experiences with a large audience through his YouTube channel, which he uses to inspire others to ‘seize the moment’ – his philosophy in life. Nigel has previously collaborated with Nikon as part of their #Zcreators community and is delighted to have been selected as an Ambassador. For him, Nikon, represents dependability, something that is a high priority for photographers like Nigel working on challenging projects in adverse climates.

These talented photographers bring with them their own unique set of skills and individual approach to storytelling, enriching Nikon’s large and dynamic community of Ambassadors dedicated to inspiring positive change through powerful images.

Find out more about Nikon’s Ambassador’s here.

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