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Global winners of The World Press Photo Awards 2024 announced

Posted on Apr 18, 2024

A powerful image from the Israel-Palestine conflict is named World Press Photo Contest global winner

In celebration of the enduring power of visual journalism, the World Press Photo Foundation has unveiled the global winners of the 2024 World Press Photo Contest.

Celebrated for shining a light on pressing global issues through the lens of photography, this year’s selection underscores stories of conflict, migration, family, and health, reflecting both the turmoil and the resilience found across the globe.

The winning photographs were selected from 61,062 entries by 3,851 photographers from 130 countries. Following judging by six regional juries, the regional shortlist was then passed to a global jury for final selection.

Below we provide a rundown of the global winners.

World Press Photo of the Year

“A Palestinian Woman Embraces the Body of Her Niece” by Mohammed Salem, Palestine, Reuters

A person in a headscarf and blue garment crouches, covering their head in a posture of despair, while clutching a child's body wrapped in a white sheet
© Mohammed Salem, Reuters

Mohammed Salem’s heartrending photograph captures Inas Abu Maamar holding the body of her niece Saly, a victim of an Israeli missile strike in Gaza. Taken shortly after the birth of Salem’s own child, the image poignantly encapsulates the profound personal grief associated with war.

The jury praised the photo for its respectful composition, offering a window into the unimaginable loss endured by those caught in conflict zones.

World Press Photo Story of the Year

“Valim-babena” by Lee-Ann Olwage, South Africa, for GEO

Lee-Ann Olwage’s series from Madagascar brings to light the stigmatisation surrounding dementia on the island.

The photographs, especially of “Dada Paul” and his granddaughter preparing for church, are celebrated for their warmth and tender depiction of family care in times of health crises.

The jury lauded the story for its empathetic approach to a universal issue, emphasising the necessity of love and support amidst global unrest.

World Press Photo Long-Term Project Award

“The Two Walls” by Alejandro Cegarra, Venezuela, The New York Times/Bloomberg

Alejandro Cegarra’s project, born from his own migration experience, critically examines the shift in Mexico’s immigration policies.

Highlighting the resilience and agency of migrants, Cegarra’s work is a personal and sensitive exploration of the changing dynamics at Mexico’s southern border.

The jury was particularly moved by his ability to convey a migrant’s perspective with authenticity and empathy.

World Press Photo Open Format Award

“War Is Personal” by Julia Kochetova, Ukraine

Julia Kochetova’s innovative project transcends traditional news coverage of the Ukraine war by integrating photojournalism with elements of a personal diary.

This multidimensional portrayal, enriched with poetry, audio clips, and music, offers a visceral understanding of the war’s impact on daily life.

The jury commended Kochetova for her unique approach to storytelling, emphasising the personal toll behind the ongoing conflict.

Highlighting the risks of photojournalism

Joumana El Zein Khoury, Executive Director of World Press Photo, praised the winning photographers, saying, “Each of these winning photographers is intimately and personally familiar with their topics. This helps them bring a deeper understanding to the rest of us, which hopefully leads to empathy and compassion.”

He went on to highlight the risks photojournalists take to tell such important stories to the world.

“I am thankful for their dedication, courage, professionalism and skill. The work of press and documentary photographers around the world is often done at high risk. This past year, the death toll in Gaza pushed the number of journalists killed to a near record high.

“It is important to recognise the trauma they have experienced to show the world the humanitarian impact of the war.”

All the winning images will be on show at the World Press Photo Exhibition as it tours over 60 countries worldwide, stopping at London’s Borough Yards from May 3-27, 2024.

For further details and to view all the winning images, visit the World Press Photo Foundation’s official website.


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