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Insurance Emporium has got you covered as we zoom in on summer photography

Posted on Jun 30, 2023

Shooting in nature is rewarding, but not without risk – put your mind at ease with proper insurance

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Fresh from snapping up the best insurer award at the Photography News 2022 Awards, The Insurance Emporium is as passionate as ever about protecting the things you love.

Its spring photography competition was a huge success, with some amazing submissions that all encapsulated the true essence of season – but the clear winner was this little yellow chick!

As we head towards the long-awaited summer, we’re getting our cameras ready in the hope of capturing something equally evocative. Here in the UK, we’re extremely lucky to always be in reach of a stunning location, brimming with photographic opportunities; whether that’s otter spotting on the Isle of Mull, puffin watching on the Farne Islands in Northumberland, seal gazing at Donna Nook in Lincolnshire, or pony watching on Exmoor. Wherever you are, spectacular wildlife is never far away, for both amateur and professional photographers.

Of course, you don’t have to travel far to get inspiration for your wildlife photography; our local parks are home to plenty of animals, including ducks, geese and swans, as well as an abundance of squirrels – and if you head to one of the bigger parks, such as Richmond Park in London, you’ll find even wider biodiversity, including deer, parakeets and bats. You don’t even have to set foot out of your back garden to find sparrows, robins and blackbirds, even the odd hedgehog snuffling around, and there’s approximately one fox to every 150 people currently in the UK.

If you’re planning on being out and about with your camera, enjoying the (hopefully) lovely weather, this could be a good time to check out The Insurance Emporium’s camera insurance deals. It only takes one wrong step while you’re shooting in nature, or a tiny distraction while you’re putting your equipment away in your bag, and you’re looking at damaged or lost kit that could potentially cost you a lot of money.

How many of us actually sit down and work out what our camera equipment is worth? Having insurance in place gives you the peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to spend precious time and money replacing or repairing equipment if the unexpected does happen. You can personalise your policy to fit in with the kind of photography you do, whether that’s amateur or professional, and you can even tweak it to include optional benefits covering gadgets, phones and sports cameras. So take a look and get snapping, because who knows, next time it could be your photo in the frame for an award.

Originally published in Issue 108 of Photography News.

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