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LUMIX S5IIX: The Ultimate Camera for Creators

Posted on May 10, 2023

After months of anticipation, the LUMIX S5IIX is making waves for video and photo capture. For the most ambitious creators


Panasonic is expanding its S Series mirrorless range with two new additions. The highly anticipated LUMIX S5IIX is joined by a firmware update for the LUMIX S5II and an S Series lens price revision in Europe. Engineered for ambition, the LUMIX S5IIX promises high performance across video and photo.

One of the notable features of the LUMIX S5IIX is its compatibility with Blackmagic Raw (BRAW) and ProRes RAW formats. This enables users to capture footage with ease of use and better quality than popular video formats, but with the benefits of RAW recording. This gives creators the flexibility to adjust the footage in post-production to achieve their desired look and feel.

The LUMIX S5IIX supports ATOMOS Ninja V and ATOMOS Shogun CONNECT in addition to ATOMOS Ninja V+, which enables users to take advantage of the camera’s full recording capabilities with external devices.

With Hybrid Phase Detection Auto-Focus (PDAF), a new imaging engine developed within the L2 Technology partnership formed by LEICA and LUMIX, and a new 24-megapixel sensor. Panasonic claims users can expect faster and more accurate autofocus performance for both photo and video capture.

In addition, the camera uses a new Phase Hybrid AF system that can detect target subjects in difficult conditions such as low light and backlighting and can remain tracking them even with other moving objects in the frame.

The camera will retail for £2,299 RRP and is expected to be available this month.

LUMIX S5II Firmware Update

Panasonic has also announced a firmware update program for its LUMIX S5II camera, which is set to be available on June 13, 2023.

The update will include RAW data output over HDMI, as well as Blackmagic RAW capabilities, giving the LUMIX S5II the ability to record footage in higher quality video formats.

Also included is Live View Composite, allowing users to capture long exposure looks even in the daytime. The update is expected to enhance the user experience and elevate the performance of the LUMIX S5II with a host of innovative functions.

Lens Repositioning

Lens prices are set to be reduced by up to 28% across Europe, which is great news for us photographers. This comes as a result of Panasonic taking user feedback on board, calling to make lenses more accessible in the current economic climate.

Go to the Panasonic website for more.

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