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Natural Landscape Photography Awards announces winners

Posted on Nov 18, 2022

Winning entries in this year’s Natural Landscape Photography Awards have been announced and feature impressive imagery from around the globe

The Natural Landscape Photography Awards (NLPA) has revealed the winners of its second annual competition. Over 1,000 photographers from 55 countries entered 10,000+ images. Of these, 1,514 photos moved forward, with just 250 selected for the final round. Along with the Photographer, Project, and Photograph of the Year prizes, contestants could also submit to a range of thematic categories, including grand scenic, intimate landscapes, abstracts or details, and nine other subject-specific awards.

The NLPA aims to encourage digital and film photographers to capture realism while highlighting the wonders found in the natural world. The organisation enforces strict rules on editing to preserve each subject’s integrity, with special considerations for night photography and man-made elements. Brent Clark, this year’s NLPA Photographer of the Year, said of the criteria: “I felt like entering was to cast a vote for what I wanted to see more of in the landscape photography community – natural and inspirational imagery, grounded in reality.”

This year’s NLPA winners are listed below:

Photographer of the Year

First place: Brent Clark

Second place: Antonio Fernandez

Third place: Alfredo Mora

Project of the Year

First place: Daniel Mîrlea

Second place: Luís Afonso

Third place: David Southern

Photograph of the Year

TIE: Philipp Jakesch and Jim Lamont

Grand Scenic 

First place: Kevin Monahan

Second place: Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal

Third place: Nicolas Raspiengeas

Intimate Landscapes

First place: Spencer Cox

Second place: Eric Erlenbusch

Third place: Barbara Livieri

Abstracts or Details

First place: Mieke Boynton

Second place: Caleb Weston

Third place: James Rodewald

Special Awards

  • Aerial: Julie Kenny
  • Deserts: Peter Coskun
  • Environmental: Samuel Markham
  • Frozen Worlds: Brian Pollock
  • Mountains: Matt Jackisch
  • Nightscape: Marley Butler
  • Rivers, Lakes, and Waterfalls: Tom Shapira
  • Seascapes: Andre Donawa
  • Trees, Forest, and Woodland: Stuart McGlennon

This year’s judges included eight photographers from North America and Europe who represent a range of styles and subjects. Participants competed for a grand prize of $5,000 (Photographer of the Year) with subsequent prizes totalling $12,500 in cash, plus $12,000 in gear and $850 in subscriptions to Nature Photographers Network.

The NLPAs are organised by Tim Parkin, Matt Payne, Alex Nail and Rajesh Jyothiswaran and supported by F-Stop, FLM, and Nature Photographers Network. To learn more about the competition, read the rules, or view the gallery, visit

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