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Photo Video 24 Cambridge Winners

Posted on Aug 3, 2023

Back in June, Photography News held a day-long festival of imaging in the historic city of Cambridge. To add a competitive element, we ran photo challenges all the way through this 24-hour extravaganza. Here are the results!

For the first time since its inception in 2013, Photo Video 24 ventured outside of London. From a shortlist of locations, Cambridge was chosen for its variety of photo opportunities within a small geographical area.

Photo Video 24 kicked off at midday on 3 June and finished a whole 24 hours later. In that time, we ran contests and challenges to keep participants inspired and engaged, with prizes kindly provided by MPB. The results are featured here – well done to all the winners, thanks to everyone who entered and, if you weren’t selected, better luck next time! Because, though Photo Video 24 is over for 2023, we’re already thinking about 2024 – more news on that front early next year.

Finally, cheers to all the readers who came along to support the event. And, of course, a huge thanks to our sponsors MPB.

Classic Cambridge

Summing up the city in pictures was the name of the game in this category. There’s so much beautiful, classic architecture in the city, you may be forgiven for thinking it was an easy theme to shoot. Not so.

WINNER: David Jenner

“‘Worth a punt?’ was taken at 5.45am,” David tells us. “I managed to capture dawn breaking over this line of punts moored on the river Cam. I love the tranquillity of this early morning scene, before the hustle and bustle on the river later in the day.

Holding Photo Video 24 in Cambridge was a real change of scene from previous years, and the inclusion of video will certainly open up the event to lots of other people. I really enjoyed getting to know a city I had only visited once before and I’d like to congratulate the whole Photography News team for putting on such a comprehensive array of excursions and workshops. 

Let’s not forget the sponsors, MPB. I look forward to putting my prize money towards a new lens for my recently purchased Nikon Z 8.” 


Gareth Danks

Judge’s comment: Gareth’s unique approach to his entry made for a striking image that simply oozed
mood and intrigue.

Martin Amery

Judge’s comment: Bike, classic background and awesome light combined brilliantly to put Martin’s image onto the shortlist. 

Gabriella Atkinson

Judge’s comment: There’s so much to like about Gabriella’s photograph: the calm serenity, glorious light and telephoto compression has combined to produce a wonderful composition.

'Worth a Punt', © David Jenner
'Worth a Punt', © David Jenner

Candid Cambridge

Venture into Cambridge on most Saturdays during the year and the potential for street photography is enormous. Colourful characters, street performers, locals and tourists all make for great potential subjects.

WINNER: Darrell Godliman 

“I’ve been to Cambridge a couple of times, but as a tourist rather than a photographer,” Darrell notes. “My winning shot was actually one of the first I took at Photo Video 24, during the Introduction to Cambridge photo walk.” The photo was shot on a Nikon D500 with a 70-200mm at 105mm. Exposure was 1/30sec at f/11.

Judge’s comment: While Darrell called his picture ‘Learned friends’, we don’t know if this trio were playing solitaire or working. Either way, it’s a beautifully observed and captured scene that sums up Cambridge brilliantly.


Nick Biswell 

Judge’s comment: Photo Video 24 took place on a warm day and ice cream was definitely on the agenda. Nick’s image sums up the mood very well indeed.

Joshua Baker

Judge’s comment: A strong street picture that deserved to be shortlisted, but ultimately better editing would have improved the shot even further.

Dave Harris

Judge’s comment: Lovely patterns and a great colour palette make for an eye-catchingly different candid.

David Jenner

Judge’s comment: The dog does it for this one. Its complete disinterest in its family is nicely captured.

'Learned Friends', © Darrell Godliman
'Learned Friends', © Darrell Godliman

Creative Cambridge

This category was the perfect opportunity for expression. Entries included multiple exposures, colour popping and light painting. It was a fascinating mix, but in the end the winning image was a wonderfully observed reflection.

WINNER: Dave Harris 

“I’m amazed, pleased and proud to have won the Creative Cambridge contest,” remarks David. “There’s life in this old photographic dog yet!

“I was walking in the gardens of Trinity College, in front of the Wren Library – a very beautiful building with very dirty windows! Behind the windows, I could get a glimpse of college life. I cleaned a small section and took a shot. I noticed that, because of the light, I was getting a reflection of my cap in the image, which I liked.

“I moved along until I had an interesting subject, lined up my cap to provide the cupola to the columns, waited for the right light and shot.

“I’ve attended a number of times when Photo 24 (as it was then) has been in London. There is endless interest in the capital, so I’ve always enjoyed it. But I loved the idea of being in a new city, and Cambridge is a cracker for photographers. I’d be more than happy to return to Cambridge next year.

“I’ve accumulated loads of gear over the years, but am thinking of selling it and buying a light mirrorless with a single standard zoom lens. All through MPB, of course.”

Judge’s comment: We love the composition and that made it a clear winner. It’s a simple yet complex set-up, and while there is plenty for the eye to enjoy, the viewer’s attention goes straight to the two students at work. The fact they are the only people in shot is very much a good thing. Also, the framing of the columns and photographer’s shadowy reflection adds intrigue to a compelling image.


David Jenner

Judge’s comment: I loved how the photographer went for a dramatic silhouette as his punt went under a bridge, framing the punt ahead and using the Bridge of Sighs for context; a fabulous image.

Martin Amery

Judge’s comment: Colour popping is not a technique that works for many pictures, but it does here – helped by strong leading lines and the stunning background of Trinity Lane, one of the city’s most photogenic streets.

Gareth Danks

Judge’s comment: Trinity Lane makes another appearance in the Creative Cambridge shortlist, this time with a very low camera viewpoint and dramatic lighting. This makes for an impactful image.

© Dave Harris
© Dave Harris

Photo Treasure Hunt

The Photo Video 24 Treasure Hunt ran for the duration of the event. To enter, readers had to identify and photograph for themselves the five visual clues scattered around the city.

The winner was randomly chosen from the correct entries received, and we’re delighted to announce that the winner was Ray McMurray, who has won a £500 MPB voucher. Well done to Ray and thanks to everyone who got involved.

Best Photo Video 24 Video

WINNER: Ihab Salem 

Ihab Salem wins a £500 MPB voucher for his entry. “I’m more motivated than ever to improve my work,” enthuses Ihab. “The event was a great chance to practise and learn. The location and people were all great. I’m still weighing up my options on how I’ll spend my prize, but a Lumix 24-105mm lens is likely.”

Judge’s comment: The winner caught not only the beauty of Cambridge but the spirit of the event, with image makers capturing life through their lenses throughout the 24 hours. And the dog on the paddle board enjoying the river was a great, well-captured moment of fun! Adam Duckworth, editor-in-chief, Pro Moviemaker

Super 24 Challenge

WINNER: Alastair Ray 

From 1pm on 3 June until 11am on 4 June, a new photo challenge was announced using social media – on the hour, every hour. 

Our winner was Alastair Ray’s well-framed image for the 3pm ‘In the Market’ theme, and he wins a £500 voucher. 

© Alastair Ray
© Alastair Ray

Rowing Club Challenge 

WINNER: Florence Tawns

PN joined forces with the Cambridge Rowing Experience to provide readers a Sunday morning shooting challenge. 

Cambridge Rowing Experience runs training sessions for would-be rowers, taking them through the technicalities of the sport, providing some basic training and practice on the river Cam.

The challenge for PN readers was to capture aspects of the session, from candids of clients in training and close-up studies of the boats, through to action shots on the river.

The winner was Florence Tawns for her picture of a trainer overseeing trainee rowers. She wins two Cambridge Rowing Experience tickets worth £65.

Judge’s comment: What we love about this picture is the brilliant choice of a slower shutter speed to blur the foreground rowers while retaining sharpness in the trainer. There’s a real sense of energy in the shot.

© Florence Tawns
© Florence Tawns

Special thanks

Our thanks go to MPB, sponsors of Photo Video 24. MPB is the world’s biggest dealing platform for pre-owned photo and video kit. Check them out! PN

Originally published in Issue 110 of Photography News.


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