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Picture perfect printing with PermaJet Heritage range

Posted on Apr 7, 2023

Refine your images with four premium papers from PermaJet’s Heritage range, including an award winner

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Even in the digital age, you can’t beat the impact of seeing one of your favourite images printed. Whether you want to proudly display your work, share it with friends and family or give a print as a gift, it’s far better than leaving it languishing on a hard drive, gathering virtual dust.

Once you’ve decided which image you want to print, it’s vital to choose the right paper. Vibrant gloss doesn’t suit every image – especially if you want it to convey a sense of realism or enhance the subject matter within the frame.

Step forward PermaJet, whose already extensive line of papers has recently been increased with four new products in its Heritage range. 100% cotton- and OBA-free, the latest line-up is suited to fine art imagery and offers archival stability, ensuring your work will look its best for many years to come. Each one of the four finishes has its own unique characteristics, so you’re sure to find the right one for your needs.

Award-winning photographer and PermaJet ambassador Janet Haines certainly agrees that picking the right paper is crucial: “You can maximise the impact a final print has by the paper you choose,” she explains. “The texture, tone and quality all have a significant bearing on how the viewer appreciates your work. Respect your own work and delight in the finished print. Nothing comes close to replicating a well-printed image on the perfect paper.”

All of the textured papers in the Heritage range are designed to deliver optimum results, yet also have a pleasing weight, too. Prints take on both depth and clarity that can’t be reproduced on either gloss or satin papers.

Former Photography News editor Will Cheung was impressed with the range after getting his hands on some samples following their debut at the 2022 Photography Show. “I thought PermaJet’s extensive paper range had all bases covered already. But the new Heritage series proved me wrong,” he exclaims. “The new quartet of non-OBA papers were
a delight, very user-friendly and with first-rate results. It was notable how lively the three textured papers were with their colour reproduction. Baryta Rag 310 could be my go-to semi-gloss paper.”

The Heritage range papers are:

  • Baryta Rag 310: A satin surface with a natural white base, this cotton baryta offers printmakers fantastic colours as well as deep, rich blacks. 
  • Smooth Rag 310: A smooth matte surface with a natural white base. This paper offers brilliant shadow detail and smooth tonal gradation.
  • Etching Rag 310: A roughly textured paper with a neutral base, the traditional surface texture adds a seriously impressive depth to your images.
  • Watercolour Rag 310: A watercolour texture with a natural white base, perfect for the definition and reproduction of fine art images and traditional artwork.

The Heritage range is available in A4 to A2 sheets as well as rolls from 17 to 60in. In order to make your next print stand out, head to the PermaJet website and order the paper of your choice – or a test pack.

Originally featured in Issue 105 of Photography News.

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