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Standout lots at the 44th Leitz Photographica Auction

Posted on May 4, 2024

Take a look at some of the standout lots in the 44th Leitz Photographica Auction

The Leitz Photographica auction house was founded in 2002 and is known for its extensive collection of vintage cameras and accessories – especially rare Leica models.

Twice a year it holds the Leitz Photographica Auction in which bidders vie for some of the most remarkable photographic collectibles in the world.

The 44th auction will take place on June 8, 2024, at Leitz-Park in Wetzlar, Germany and coincides with the 70th anniversary of the iconic Leica M series. As such you can expect some fascinating lots and eyewatering prices. Here we round up a few of the most notable.

1958 Leica MP2 black paint model

One of the most anticipated items is a rare Leica MP2 black paint model from 1958. As one of only six produced, this camera is a significant piece due to its rarity and is expected to attract bids between €600,000 to €700,000 euros.

Leica MP2 black paint model
Leica MP2 black paint model | © Leitz Photographica

Leica I Mod A. Luxus

Also featured is the Leica I Mod A. Luxus, a model from the 1930s, noted for its gold-plated body and unique leather covering. With few of these cameras remaining, it is expected to reach bids of €300,000 to €350,000.

Leica I Mod A. Luxus
Leica I Mod A. Luxus | © Leitz Photographica

Leica NY Rifle

The auction will also offer a remarkable Leitz NY Rifle, a camera setup developed for wildlife photography that includes a rifle stock, a Leica IIIb camera, and a Telyt 5/40cm lens. With fewer than 15 units made, estimates place its value between €240,000 and €260,000.

Leica NY Rifle
Leica NY Rifle | © Leitz Photographica

Leica Summilux lens prototype

Additionally, a prototype of the steel rim Leica Summilux 1.4/35mm lens will be auctioned for charity. This lens is part of a small test batch and is marked with a special serial number. It is expected to fetch between €6,000 and €7,000, with all proceeds from the sale going to the charity Licht ins Dunkel.

Leica Summilux lens prototype
Leica Summilux lens prototype | © Leitz Photographica

How to bid

If you’re feeling flush, the auction will accommodate live participants at Leitz-Park and offer remote bidding options through online platforms and telephone. Interested parties can register and place advance bids at

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