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Tokina supports Fujifilm X

Posted on Dec 15, 2020

Japanese lens brand Tokina has an extensive selection of high-quality lenses for full-frame and APS-C format cameras, but its new atx-m 23mm f/1.4 X and atx-m 33mm f/1.4 X are its first offerings for Fujifilm X Series cameras.

Both are compact and lightweight, making them ideal as on-the-go lenses. They feature a fast and responsive ST-M AF motor that marries perfectly with the camera that it is fitted to, so that gives you face detection and other advanced focusing features. That also applies to image stabilisation when they are used with compatible Fujifilm cameras. Lens aperture can be controlled in 0.3EV steps using the lens ring, but if you set this to A, the f/number can be adjusted from the camera body.

The atx-m 23mm f/1.4 X has 11 elements in ten groups, with two super-low dispersion (SD) lenses used to minimise aberrations and help maximise edge-to-edge sharpness, even at the wider lens apertures. Other key features include 52mm filter thread, 30cm minimum focus, multi-coating and a weight of just 276g.

The atx-m 33mm f/1.4 X boasts a similar feature set with the same focus motor, filter size and aperture ring. The optical makeup is slightly different, with ten elements in nine groups, two SD lenses and the minimum focus is 40cm.

The 23mm f/1.4 and 33mm f/1.4 lenses are in store now, priced at £449.99 and £399.99 respectively.

Both lenses were announced last December and it looks like Tokina is going to have a busy year in 2021, with its roadmap exhibiting some exciting upcoming products. For Fujifilm X and Sony APS-C E-mount, there is a 56mm f/1.4 short telephoto and, for full-frame Sony E-mount, a 35mm f/1.8 E and 50mm f/1.8 E are on the way.

For more information, please visit the Tokina website.

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