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Whitewall: Class behind glass

Posted on May 24, 2023

Make a statement with WhiteWall’s laminated acrylic prints. We discover what makes them so special

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WhiteWall prides itself on bringing quality and ingenuity to photo finishing, with impressive craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies combining to deliver outstanding results. The company’s latest innovation is testament to that, offering an ideal solution for photographers wishing to make a statement with their work, especially those who want to print big!

Large prints laminated behind acrylic make for great wall art, and WhiteWall has years of experience in producing acrylic laminations. Now, that service has taken a giant step forward with the introduction of fine art pigment prints set behind acrylic glass. Available in formats up to 290x180cm, these vibrant prints are the perfect way to show off your finest work in phenomenal high resolution, with a broad colour spectrum delivered from the high-end professional papers used to create them.

Initial prints are made with a solvent-free inkjet process in which brilliant colours are created using pigment particles suspended in liquid ink. The secret lies in the paper, with Fujifilm and Ilford media delivering premium results.

The subsequent lamination process takes meticulous care and attention to ensure a flawless end product. WhiteWall’s acrylic glass is lightweight, colour-neutral and unbreakable – simply choose the surface and thickness to display your images at their very best. 

If it’s an understated look you crave, the matte surface is the one to choose. It displays depth and contrast, but is well-suited to rooms with plenty of light bouncing around because it reduces reflections. If, on the other hand, you have a vibrant image with colourful properties you want to accentuate, or are producing prints to exhibit, the glossy finish is the solution, showing images in all their brilliant glory. The glossy acrylic comes in 2mm or 4mm thicknesses, while matte is available in 2mm only.

Head to the WhiteWall website to find out more about its fine art pigment prints set behind acrylic glass. A huge variety of sizes and formats are available, including 3:2, 4:3, square and 16:9, as well as standard paper sizes from A6 to A0. Prices start from just £14.95 for a 10x10cm print, and all come ready to mount on your wall with one of three different hanging systems, depending on the print size.

WhiteWall currently holds both TIPA and Photography News Awards, confirming its status as one of the world’s best photo labs. So if you want to show your work off at its most impressive, there’s no better place to start your journey.

Originally published in Issue 107 of Photography News.

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