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broncolor: Make light work

Posted on Mar 8, 2021

Combining speed with power and intuition, the broncolor Siros 400 S is the complete studio monobloc


For striking portraiture, perfect product photography, or whatever else you could possibly throw at a studio light, the broncolor Siros 400 S is a strong choice indeed. The recently crowned winner of Best Mains Flash in our Photography News 2020 Awards is an all-round workhorse, packed with potential to bring your creative visions to life.

When it comes to power, the Siros 400 S certainly won’t leave you wanting, equipped with a significant 400W/s output – more than enough to let you shoot at small apertures when you need plenty of depth-of-field. Output is easily controlled over nine stops in full or 1/10 stop increments.

When it comes to power, the Siros 400 S certainly won’t leave you wanting, equipped with a significant 400W/s output

The Siros 800 S is also available, offering twice the output at 800W/s. With broncolor’s considerately designed reflectors, this accentuates the power even further, so you’re supplied with what you need on shoots big or small. Using the P70 reflector, f/32 5/10 is achievable at 2m and ISO 100. Of course, there are many more light modifiers available, which are exceptionally easy to use thanks to the brand’s unified bayonet fitting. Accessories can be used across all
of broncolor’s lamps.

For many photographers, power alone is of little use. A flash needs to be fast enough to keep up with any subject, and the Siros S is more than capable. At the minimum output you get an action-stopping 1/6500sec.

Recycling times also come at lightning pace, with a new burst ready to illuminate your subject in as little as 0.02sec at minimum power and 0.95sec at full power. At optimal settings, there’s capacity for a total sequence of up to 50 shots and absolute colour consistency can be relied on, even at the fastest speeds.

The Siros 400 S is intuitive to use thanks to its clear control layout, and there's the option of the bronControl app for wireless versatility

One of the biggest constraints of monolights can be usability, or rather a lack thereof. Even for seasoned professionals who are very familiar with the process, it’s simply an unnecessary expenditure of time. Thankfully, with the Siros 400S, use couldn’t be easier.

The power range is 2-400W/s via the light’s single rotary controller, located on the rear of the head. All advanced settings in the menu system can be accessed this way too, but there’s also the option of the free bronControl app, putting masses of creative control directly in your hands. Make those all-important tweaks while remaining at your camera, ensuring the creative flow is uninterrupted. It’s a better, simpler workflow.

To make studio set-up even easier, even when travelling, the 400 S automatically adapts to mains power between 100-120V and 200-240V. It’s simple, yet brilliant touches like this that have secured the brand and its products as a firm favourite among pros for decades.

At €1353, the Siros 400 S is reasonably priced for a professional tool and offers everything you’d expect and more from a light of this calibre. A number of multi-lamp kits are also available, so a larger studio set-up needn’t be collected bit by bit. As standard, the light comes with an umbrella reflector, compatible USB cable and mains adapter.

Find out more on the broncolor website.

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