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Colours correct: screen calibration for photography

If you aren’t calibrating your screen, your whole post-shoot workflow is suffering. You need to start now, and Datacolor SpyderX Elite is here to help.


In the age of digital photography, there’s so much more involved than just snapping a picture and forgetting about it. Editing is more important than ever, regardless of your level or what you want to do with your photos. But there’s also printing to consider, and the simple fact that your images will be seen on a multitude of screens.

With all this in mind, isn’t it important that you get things right? Well, the only way to truly do that is with a calibrated screen on your computer. And without a doubt, one of the best tools available today for doing just that is the Datacolor SpyderX Elite.

Datacolor SpyderX Elite

How does it work?

On an uncalibrated screen, the colours you’re seeing simply aren’t accurate – by real-world standards, compared to other peoples’ screens, and when it comes to printing. As such, any hard work you’re putting in to perfecting the colours and overall look of your photos is just a shot in the dark. Sure, the image will look good on your screen in that very moment, but when viewed elsewhere or at a later date, you’ll wonder if you even edited it at all.

The SpyderX Elite uses software to display specific colours on your screen, then uses the calibration tool to read them, ensuring they appear accurately. It’s as simple as that.

Datacolor SypderX Elite on screen

A bare necessity

You may question just how important screen calibration is, but really, what you’re asking is, how much do I care about the look of my photos? If you’re spending time editing them, the answer is evident.

Accurate colours are essential, regardless of how your photos are being viewed, but when it comes to print, that’s another matter entirely. There are countless reasons to print your photos, and there’s a lot riding on it when you do. It’s expensive for a start, so it’s no place for mistakes.

If you’ve ever printed your photos, you may have been surprised by how different they looked compared to the screen you edited them on. When that happens, you can either accept the disappointment or pay out to have your photos reprinted. Or, you could start out right from the start and edit on a calibrated screen.

If you weigh up the cost of continuous reprints against the low cost of the SpyderX Elite, it’s an even more appealing choice. But regardless of how your photos are being viewed, you can’t put a price on quality.

Datacolor SypderX Elite workflow

Elite performance

It’s clear why screen calibration is becoming a more widely accepted part of the photography workflow, but why the SpyderX Elite? Well, at this price, with regular use, it’s excellent value for money. But price isn’t everything, and enthusiast photographers like you should demand professional quality. Thankfully, the SpyderX Elite offers just that.

When it comes to performance, the SpyderX Elite possesses some of the best and most advanced colorimeter technology today. Housed inside the lens-based calibration tool, it assures results that won’t let you down. You can view a side-by-side comparison of your screen before and after calibration, revealing improved colours, brightness, shadows and highlights, and you can even take a light reading of the room to ensure optimal editing conditions.

When it comes to software, the SpyderX Elite really excels. If you’re looking to keep things simple, you can calibrate your screen with just one click. For a more in-depth experience, in Expert Console mode, users can modify their settings with almost unlimited calibration options. To help you as you go, user guides, video demonstrations and other helpful tools are all available.

Remember the benefit calibrating has when it comes to printing? Well the SpyderX Elite goes one step further. With an impressive Softproof feature, users can see how their prints will look on specific makes and models of printers, meaning even the minute details of your edit can be perfected before printing, and unparalleled results achieved.

If all this isn’t enough, there’s one key element yet to be touched upon, and that’s speed. The SpyderX Elite can calibrate a screen in a very impressive time indeed. It’s a small detail to some, but if you’re calibrating regularly, over time, those extra minutes really add up. With Datacolor, you can streamline your workflow for brilliant results fast.

For more information, please visit the Datacolor website.

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