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Looking flash with the Siros 400 S

At the forefront of lighting for 61 years, broncolor has scooped the title of Best Mains Flash in the Photography News 2019 Awards for the Siros 400 S.


Key features

  • Flash energy 2-400J
  • Flash duration min. energy: 1/5500s (1/11000s)
  • Flash duration max. energy: 1/700s (1/2100s)
  • Charging time: 0.02-0.95s (230V)
  • Control range of flash energy: 9 f/stops in ¹/₁₀ or full-stop intervals

With over half a century in the business, it’s no surprise that broncolor is manufacturing some of the highest quality products on the market today, fit for even the most demanding and discerning of photographers.

Of the many quality offerings from the brand, it’s the broncolor Siros 400 S that was crowned Best Mains Flash in the Photography News 2019 Awards, and for very good reason. Photographers at this level are looking for one thing above all else: choice. And on that front, the Siros 400 S doesn’t disappoint.

The powerful monobloc delivers up to 400WS of beautiful, colour correct light, thanks to broncolor’s advanced Enhanced Color Temperature Control technology. This ensures a finely maintained colour temperature over the entire power range at all outputs.

We’re not just talking raw power here. Light is controllable over 9EV in 0.1 EV steps, allowing almost any choice of aperture, and with that, a huge degree of creative potential. Set the Siros 400 S at power level 2 and you get just 2WS, meaning an appealing shallow depth-of-field can be captured without trouble.

Broncolor Siros 400 S

In terms of speed, the Siros 400 S is just as capable as it is on the power front. Down at power level 2, the light can give a burst flash of 1/19,000sec in Speed mode, or 1/8500sec in normal mode. Ramping up to maximum power, an impressive 1/2100sec flash can be captured, allowing users to freeze even the fastest of actions.

It’s not just flash duration speed that’s noteworthy, but recycle time, too. The Siros 400 S is capable of lightning fast recycle speeds of 0.02secs at minimum output and 0.9secs at full output, and if you need to shoot rapid sequences, a burst of up to 50 shots is possible without missing a beat, thanks to innovative cut-off technology.

But what’s the point in a heap of impressive specs if a light is too difficult to use? Not an issue for the Siros 400 S, thanks, once again, to broncolor’s years of refinement.

A large, stylish LCD means the flash’s settings are clear, while a large rotating control makes setting power output highly intuitive. A slight turn adjusts by 0.1EV, while a more significant twist knocks power up or down by 1EV. The flash doesn’t even compromise on size, featuring a pleasingly compact design.

For even greater ease, the Siros 400 S can also be controlled via a dedicated smartphone app. The bronControl app lets you adjust output, turn the halogen modelling lamp on or off, and fine-tune flash release delay. You don’t even need an independent Wi-Fi network to use the app because the Siros 400 S has its own.

For more creativity than a flash alone can offer, the Siros 400 S is compatible with a wide range of broncolor modifiers, meaning there’s an available look to meet any desire or need. Great kits are also available, like the Siros Expert Kit, which features two flashes, an umbrella, a softbox, two stands and more.

So, if you’re looking for the complete package in a mains flash, broncolor has just made your search a whole lot easier.

Banner image © broncolor, photography by Urs Recher

For more information, please visit the broncolor website.

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