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Grab these and go! Mac Group’s essential accessories

It’s no secret: to get the most out of your photos, a few core accessories are essential. Whether you’re close to home or on longer travels, you want to know your kit is easy to carry, a pleasure to use and can go the distance. These five options from Mac Group are nominated in Photography News 2019 Awards, so they’re well worth a look.



Benro Slim Travel FSL09AN00

If you’re in need of a compact and durable travel tripod, the Benro Slim Travel in aluminium may be just what you’re looking for. Ideal for any photographer wanting to travel light, the tripod weighs just 1.2kg, packs down to just 31.5cm and extends to a max height of 145cm. Despite its compact size, there’s no compromise when it comes to usability. The Benro Slim travel has three leg angle positions, so it’s very versatile, and one leg can even be removed and attached to the centre column to form a monopod. If, somehow, you don’t have space for this little thing in your kit bag, it comes in a handy carry case. It’s a traveller’s dream.

Benro Slim Travel

For more information, please visit the Benro website.


Tenba Solstice 20L

As far as smaller photography backpacks go, the Tenba Solstice 20L is up there with the best. The backpack will fit up to two mirrorless or DSLR cameras, as many as six lenses including a sizeable 70-200mm f/2.8, a tablet measuring 10in or less, a few personal items and a tripod carried in its external pocket. All kit can be organised however you like thanks to adjustable dividers. One particularly nice touch is a rear-opening camera door, which allows easy access to your camera without even removing the bag. That’s a lot of bang for your buck in a 20-litre backpack.

Tenba Solstice 20L

For more information, please visit the Tenba website.


Benro 100mm Filter System

With offerings for enthusiasts to professionals, Benro’s 100mm Filter System features truly impressive quality throughout. Holders will accommodate 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters, as well as 82mm CPL filters, and come with 82mm and 77mm lens rings, though step-down rings are available in a range of sizes. All 100mm holders offer the option of combining a number of filters, and with the FH100M2, filter height is adjusted with a geared mechanism. As for the filters themselves, a range of ND, grad and CPL filters are available in high-quality glass. There’s a lot on offer here, with something to suit virtually any need.

Benro Filter System

For more information, please visit the Benro website.


Shimoda Explore 40

For longer photography adventures, a larger backpack is a must, and the Shimoda Explore 40 falls into that perfect medium-size range. The Explore 40 is packed with design features that make use a real pleasure, such as height-adjustable shoulder straps and a waist strap to distribute weight. Thanks to Shimoda’s core unit inserts, gear placement is fully customisable, and the bag isn’t short on access options, either. You can grab your camera and other essentials through top, side or front openings, helping you to never miss a shot.

Shimoda Explore 40

For more information, please visit the Shimoda website.


Benro FIF28CIB2

If low weight is what you look for most in a tripod, carbon fibre is the way to go, and the iFoto FIF28CIB2 from Benro is a well-specified model. Despite weighing just 1.72kg, the tripod can take an impressive maximum load of 14kg, making it an ideal option even for photographers shooting with large systems. Fully extended, the FIF28CIB2 stands at 165cm, but it will go as low as 46.5cm, and a reversible centre column allows for floor-level shooting. Fold away the four-section three-quarter turn locking legs and you can pack it down to 46.5cm, head and all.

Benro FIF28CIB2

For more information, please visit the Benro website.


For more information on these models and to look at all the other products available from Mac Group, head to the Mac Group website.

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