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Improve your sports photography with these 7 pro tips

Whether you’re just starting out in sports photography or looking to take your shooting to the next level, it pays to listen to the pros.

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Dave Rogers has been shooting sport for 40 years, and has multiple World Cups and Olympic Games under his belt. We talked to him amid the action of the 2019 Rugby World Cup to get his best advice for aspiring sports photographers. Here are his seven tips for better results.

Sports photographer, Dave Rogers

1.Fill the frame

There’s no point shooting ‘small images’ unless you really have to, so zoom in for more impact.


2.Watch out for distracting backgrounds

Nothing spoils a good picture more than a backdrop that’s fighting the subject.


3.Use a fast shutter speed

Most shots rely on freezing the action, so keep the speed up, even if it means using higher ISOs.


4.Do your research

If you’re shooting a sport you don’t know much about or haven’t covered before, learn what makes good shots of it and how to position yourself.


George Ford

Image George Ford’s passionate try celebration


5.Don’t give up

Everyone makes mistakes, so persevere as much as you can. You’ll get better by learning from mistakes.


6.Keep learning

Look for any opportunity you can to improve your technique. Get involved with local sports clubs, and look at other photographers’ images.


7.Get feedback

You can’t learn in a vacuum, so get out there and exhibit your images or post them on social media.


Rugby world cup 2019

Image Joe Cokanasiga’s tackle try


You can hear more from Dave and get a greater insight into the world of sports photography by reading our full interview in issue 71, available to read free and online now.

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