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WhiteWall: Sharp, sharper, ultraHD

Posted on Oct 21, 2020

With its multi-award winning ultraHD Photo Print, WhiteWall is taking photographs to the next level in terms of sharpness


Thanks to the technology developed by the company, it’s possible to offer a resolution that is twice as high as conventional prints. Together with Fujifilm, the online lab has achieved the next evolution in photo prints. The perfect interplay between ultraHD technology and the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Maxima professional photographic paper provides photos with even more contrast and colour intensity than ever before.

The quality of the ultraHD print is not just a marketing trick, as proven by numerous test prizes as well as a TIPA World Award in 2017. “In particular, the jury praised the sharp rendering of all details from which the digital files of today’s high-resolution cameras also profit,” says Alexander Nieswandt, managing director of WhiteWall. “In addition, we now use the new Fujicolor Crystal Archive Maxima paper. This, combined with our ultraHD technology, significantly improves prints, as details can be shown in even more detail.”

With over 10% more maximum density, the Fujicolor Crystal Archive Maxima professional paper provides finer details in photographs, with more intense presentation of black and dark shades. Thanks to the increase in colour space volume by over 21%, images appear visually more brilliant and saturated. Those presenting their images in museums or galleries with LED lighting will be happy about the increased light stability, with colours lasting significantly longer.

For the best possible result, the photographic paper is exposed to a constant level of humidity and stable temperature. This minimises the spread of the laser beam and presents images in razor-sharp resolution. “The exact processes between lighting per solid-state laser, development and drying, combined with the new photographic paper, produces breathtaking results. On this basis, we can continue to expand our premium standard, which makes me very proud,” adds Nieswandt.

The ultraHD Photo Print is available as a print in matte, glossy or metallic, mounted on aluminium Dibond or sealed under crystal-clear acrylic glass in a customised format in sizes from 9x9cm to 240x122cm.

If you’d like to raise your professional prints to new heights with WhiteWall’s Masterprint, you can find out more on the WhiteWall website.

As featured in issue 82 of Photography News.

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