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Why Kase filters?

The answer is simple: there is no point investing in expensive lenses if you then use sub-standard filters on the front.

Kase filters are optically top quality and are finding many fans around the world. Here, we ask two leading landscape photographers and Kase UK brand ambassadors to tell us about themselves and to put across the case for Kase filters.


Alyn Wallace

Tell us a little about yourself?
Iʼm a landscape astrophotographer from South Wales. For the past year, Iʼve been a full-time photographer, running workshops in Wales and throughout Europe, while working on TV productions for various BBC documentaries, as well as my own YouTube channel. Iʼve been shortlisted in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition for the last three years and my work is frequently used in mainstream media.

What’s your photography style?
Very similar to classical landscape photography except undertaken at night under starry skies. The predictability of the night sky allows me to plan shots much in advance, before praying for the weather conditions. Iʼm on a continuous quest to find the darkest skies and the most otherworldly landscapes. My aim is to portray our place in the universe on this little rock we call home.
As far as my style goes, my images are quite punchy and rich in colour. Even though our eyes can’t perceive colour in dimly lit environments, there is still colour captured in the long exposure of a digital camera, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities and essentially allowing you to paint on a black canvas.

Why Kase filters?
I love the compact design and lightness of the K8 holder kit. No gimmicks, just what you need. As someone who carries two camera set-ups, as well as star tracking mounts, every gram counts.
Of course, the Night Focus tool and the Neutral Night filter help me get the most out of my astro work and I also love the hydrophobic coating on the Wolverine Series of glass. Any water or dew on the filter just wipes off with ease, no smudging.

Visit Alyn’s Youtube Channel here. 

Greg Whitton

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a semi-professional landscape photographer based in the Midlands. I’ve been offering workshops across the UK since 2015, concentrating on mountainous and upland areas. Occasionally, I do talks at festivals, camera clubs and photographic societies. Among other awards, in 2015 I was named Outdoor Photographer of the Year. Over the last year, I have been steadily building a channel and following on YouTube, offering a variety of location- based videos, as well as discussing various photographic topics, including post-processing and compositional techniques.

What’s your photography style?
I specialise in mountain landscapes and in recent years have adopted an almost exclusive portrait style, working with complex compositions and really ‘working with the landscape’ in which I am standing to convey a sense of place.

Why Kase filters?
I love using my Kase filters when they are needed. Ultimately, I want to achieve the maximum image quality I can. Placing extra glass in front of my lens is going to degrade image quality, which is why that extra glass has to be of the very highest quality. Kase filters are so good in respect of clarity, colour neutrality and flare control. I can always achieve my intended goal.

Visit Greg’s YouTube channel here.

Kase Wolverine Series filters

  • Toughened Pro HD glass
  • Virtually no colour cast
  • Scratch resistant
  • Nano coatings
  • Water and dust/dirt repellent

Available as 100mm or 150mm systems, Kase filters are ranked as some of the best optically by independent reviews. The toughened glass construction adds a nice bit of extra durability to the series – providing peace of mind.

Kase K8 100mm Holder System

  • Ingenious lightweight design
  • Magnetic geared polariser
  • Robust alloy construction
  • Simple to use in the field

The magnetic circular polariser (CPL) sits at the back of the holder and is adjusted as part of a geared system. This helps reduces vignetting and flare. Being magnetic, attaching and removing the CPL from the K8 Holder System is easy, making it simple to use in the field.

For more information, please visit the official Kase filters website. 

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