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Adobe Announces New AI Features for Photoshop at MAX London

Posted on Apr 23, 2024

Adobe has introduced significant updates to Photoshop, featuring new generative AI-driven capabilities, at the MAX London event

These updates are part of Adobe’s ongoing strategy to integrate more advanced AI tools into its Creative Cloud and Adobe Express platforms.

Generate Background Photoshop feature demo | © Adobe

Enhanced AI Capabilities in Photoshop

The latest version of Photoshop, currently in beta, includes impressive features such as ‘Generate Background’, ‘Generative Fill with Reference Image’, ‘Generate Similar’ and ‘Enhance Detail’.

Adobe says these additions are designed to simplify the creative process and “shorten the distance between the blank page and amazing results”.

It says the aim is to reduce the complexity of digital design, making sophisticated tools more accessible to users at all levels of expertise.

Generate Similar Photoshop feature demo | © Adobe

Launch of Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model

Adobe also unveiled the Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model at the conference. This updated AI model is designed to enhance the quality of generated images, apparently offering more realistic results with improved detail, variety and accuracy through the ability to better understand prompts.

Adobe insists the model provides users with more control over style and structure adjustments, saying it’s catering to the growing demand for tailor-made digital imagery.

The results are both amazing and terrifying. For example, the below images (both supplied by Adobe) were created using the following prompt:

“Light leak photo of a woman in the black shade of light, op art, striped photography, melancholic self- portraits, mid -century photography, underexposure, Venetian blind shadow effect, extreme closeup.”

And these two were the result of the following prompt:

“A man playing an acoustic guitar by the ocean at sunset. Close up of guitar.”


Adobe Express Updates for Mobile Users

In addition to desktop enhancements, Adobe has expanded its AI functionalities to mobile platforms through the Adobe Express mobile apps.

These apps now include AI features like Text to Image and Generative Fill, allowing users to do things like add, remove and replace people in photos or create new images from scratch, directly from their mobile devices.

This update is intended to broaden accessibility, with Adobe saying that it will empower a larger audience to produce professional content on the go.

Friend or Foe?

Adobe’s recent announcements at MAX London demonstrate its commitment to advancing AI technology within its suite of creative tools.

The tech giant is very much selling generative AI as a new tool in a creative’s arsenal that will enhance workflows rather than threaten livelihoods. As such, it has positioned these updates as ways to help improve productivity and, ultimately, creativity.

There’s no doubt it’s a contentious issue, especially in photography circles, and we’ll leave you to argue it out amongst yourselves. But whatever your view, with giants of the industry like Adobe so invested in the technology, one thing’s for sure: AI is here to stay.

For more information on these updates, visit the Adobe website.


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