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An Evening with Joe Cornish in Warwickshire

Posted on Apr 16, 2024

The Leamington Spa Photographic Society has announced an upcoming event focused on landscape photography, featuring the well-regarded photographer Joe Cornish

Scheduled for the end of April, the event is set to attract both society members and the general public with an interest in photography.

Joe Cornish, known for his significant contributions to landscape photography over a career spanning more than four decades, will share his experiences and techniques.

Dynamic landscape photograph showcasing rugged, jagged rock formations, known as the 'Fortress of the Four Winds,' under a soft golden hour light. The foreground is littered with large, angular boulders, while in the background, a range of pointed mountain peaks stretches under a sky with wispy clouds at sunset.
Fortress of the Four Winds | Image © Joe Cornish

The event will take place at All Saints’ Parish Church in Leamington Spa on Tuesday, April 30. During his presentation, Cornish will discuss key moments and lessons from his career, detailing his approach to capturing landscapes and the influence of various art forms on his work.

Described as blending technical expertise with personal insight, Cornish’s presentation is anticipated to appeal to a wide audience, from amateur photographers to seasoned professionals.

The event is open to both members and non-members. Tickets are priced at £10 and are available through the Leamington Spa Photographic Society. Email [email protected] for more information.

Black and white portrait of Joe Cornish, a mature, bespectacled man, thoughtfully inspecting his large format camera perched on a tripod. He stands in a rugged outdoor setting with a backdrop of dramatic mountain ranges, embodying a focused and professional demeanor.
Joe Cornish | Image © Alex Fisherfield

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