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Benro Announces Four New Product Launches

Posted on Feb 18, 2022

From gimbal heads to tripods and accessory arms, Benro is kicking off the year with lots of new products

Benro has launched a selection of brand-new accessories, including the GH22F Folding Gimbal Head, the TTOR24CLV and TTOR34CLV Tortoise Tripods with Leveling Platform, the ArcaSmart 360 Dual, KickStand and SideArm Plates, and the Rama1 and Rama2 Accessory Arms.

GH2F Folding Gimbal Head

Benro’s Folding Gimbal offers super smooth movement, accurate and low speed positioning precision – ideal for photographers working with a long telephoto lens. It can fold down into a compact unit for travel, with a removable arm that can be used as an ‘L’ bracket on any head that is Arca-compatible. The GH2F weighs a modest 1.13kg and supports a maximum weight of 10kg. It retails at £480.

TTOR24CLV and TTOR34CLV Tortoise Tripods with Leveling Platform

A popular option for photographers seeking the optimum combination of weight, capacity and stability, the Tortoise Series of tripod kits has just gained two new additions that promise to be great options for landscape and wildlife photographers. The TTOR24CLV extends to a maximum hight of 148.5cm, packing down to a neat 12.5cm. It weighs 1.38kg and holds up to 14kg. The larger TTOR34CLV reaches to a maximum height of 153.5cm from a minimum of 13.5cm, weighing just 1.7kg and bearing loads of up to 20kg.

The TTOR24CLV costs £240, whereas the TTOR34CLV costs £260.

ArcaSmart 360 Dual, KickStand and SideArm Plates

Aimed at content creators, Benro’s Arca Smart range of products helps users to transition seamlessly between shots and add in extra accessories to their set-up. The ArcaSmart 360 Dual can be used with either a camera or a smartphone to enable precise 360° panning. Its quick release plate is compatible with both Arca-Swiss style and Manfrotto RC2 style camera plate systems, so there’s no need to change plates when swapping gear. The ArcaSmart 360 Dual also features a built-in phone holder.

The ArcaSmart Kickstand is a phone clamp deigned specifically as a multi-purpose phone holder. It can be easily mounted to a tripod or monopod, whilst its kickstand design offers users the convenient option of setting up on a tabletop. The phone clip incorporates two cold shoe mounts – allowing the addition of accessories when shooting horizontal. A vertical cold shoe mount gives greater mounting convenience when shooting vertical.

The ArcaSmart SideArm is a smartphone clamp that mounts to a 1/4″ thread or an Arca-Swiss style quick release clamp. It can also be used handheld when streaming or shooting out and about. It’s easy to adjust the angle of your smartphone, according to your shooting style, whilst two built-in cold shoe mounts give the option of adding in accessories like microphones or receivers.

The cost is £115 for the ArcaSmart 360 Dual, £60 for the Kickstand, and £47.60 for the SideArm Plates.

Rama1 and Rama2 Accessory Arms

These adjustable arms allow users to fit accessory mounting points to their tripods and heads, which then allows the addition of accessories such as monitors, microphones and lights. The Rama1 measures 13cm long, whilst the Rama2 measures 24cm; both support up to 10kg.

The Rama1 retails at £50, whereas the Rama2 costs a fraction more at £58.

For more information on the products above, head to Benro’s website.

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