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New Profoto Pro-D3 monolight

Posted on May 7, 2024

Profoto has unveiled the Pro-D3, its latest monolight developed to meet the demands of global content production

The Pro-D3 is designed for high-end, high-volume image content creation and is characterised by its robustness and advanced features.

Profoto is describing it as a compelling option for professionals through its combination of energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and extended lifespan.

Power configurations

The Profoto Pro-D3 comes in two versions: 750Ws and 1250Ws, so the light is good for variety of lighting needs, from detailed portrait work to high-power studio shoots.

Profoto says there is a big focus on durability, with the unit built using high-grade components to ensure strength and consistent performance under frequent use.

© Profoto


The Pro-D3 offers an 11 f-stop power adjustment range with 0.1 f-stop precision, allowing for precise control over lighting output. It also includes three specialised flash modes to cater to different shooting scenarios:

  • ECO Mode: Optimises flash settings for consistent colour consistency extended the lifespan
  • BOOST Mode: Increases power when required
  • FREEZE Mode: Provides extremely short flash durations to capture fast-moving subjects

LED modelling light

In addition to its flash capabilities, the Pro-D3 features a LED-modelling light, which Profoto claims surpasses the brightness of a 400-Watt halogen bulb while using only 15% of the energy for less heat and extending the life of light shapers.

The LED maintains a consistent daylight colour temperature, giving photographers a reliable preview of the lighting effects in their final images.

The Profoto Pro-D3 is now available to buy. Visit the Profoto website for more information.

© Profoto

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