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Canon introduces EL-10 mid-range Speedlight

Posted on Jun 6, 2024

Canon has expanded its EL hot-shoe flash series with the introduction of the Speedlight EL-10

This new mid-range model will sit between the EL-100 and the E-L5 in the lineup, aimed at enthusiasts, but boasts some attractive features.

It is designed to be compact and lightweight and, as such, the EL-10 is powered by four AA batteries. The result is a weight of just 284 grams and dimensions of 70.6×116.3×98.3mm (wxhxd).

One of the standout features of the Speedlight EL-10 is its 1.5-second recharge time, which is among the fastest in its category.


It uses Canon’s multifunction shoe interface that is designed to enhance communication between the camera and flash. This means you can conveniently adjust settings using the camera menu system rather than the flash menu.

We have no complaints about the connection, but is worth noting that the 21-pin interface only works with newer Canon cameras, so be sure to do your research.

The Speedlight EL-10 offers linked custom shooting modes, which can be particularly useful in changing lighting conditions, such as moving from sunlight to shadow or adjusting to different colour tones.

Settings can also be controlled remotely through the Canon’s Camera Connect smartphone app, useful when firing remotely.

Lifestyle phot of photographer using his smartphone to control Canon Speedlight EL-10 in a kitchen shoot.
Canon Speedlight EL-10 can be controlled remotely via smartphone app | Image: Canon


The EL-10 provides a guide number of 40m, 24-105mm zoom coverage and a power range of 1/1024-1/1 sec. Recharge time is a speedy 1.5 seconds.

All of this offers versatility that is complemented by the 90°/150°/180° head movement, bounce card and 14mm wide panel.

EL-10 price and availability

The EL-10 is expected to ship in July 2024 and will be priced at approximately £329.99, including the light itself, a case and a mini stand.

For more details on the Canon Speedlight EL-10, visit Canon’s official website.

Product photo on white background of what's in the box, including Canon Speedlight EL-10, stand and case
In the box: Canon Speedlight EL-10, mini stand and case | Image: Canon

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