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PNPOTY 2024 submissions now open!

Posted on May 8, 2024

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Welcome to the Photography News Photographer of the Year (PNPOTY) 2024 submissions page. This is your chance to get the recognition you deserve for your photography and win some fantastic prizes from Affinity, MPB and Godox

There are 10 categories to choose from. Below we have listed them all and provided extra information about each one. Once you have chosen, complete the entry form at the bottom of this page, upload your image and click submit.

You’ll even receive an exclusive discount for Affinity Photo just for entering!

Entries close on 15 August and winners will be published in issue 117 of Photography News, which is out on 10 September 2024.

We can’t wait to see your entry – good luck!

Black & white


Black & white photographs should be rich in contrast and texture, focusing on the interplay of light and shadow to define forms and convey emotion. We encourage entries that display an understanding of composition and eye for detail, texture and greyscale tonality. Captivating, timeless and complex subjects are welcome.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

portrait of a woman in a black hat on a black background black and white photo



Entries should capture the spirit and key moments of an event. We are looking for dynamic images that convey the atmosphere of the scene by highlighting any candid expressions and interactions. Your submissions should also demonstrate an ability to engage with the many technical challenges of event photography, such as changeable lighting and movement.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99



Landscape submissions could depict breathtaking vistas or intimate scenes in nature. Focus on gripping compositions that guide the viewer through the photograph, utilising elements like leading lines or natural frames. We value atmospheric images which demonstrate real technical proficiency when handling diverse lighting scenarios and weather conditions.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

Couple of tourist near famous Skogafoss waterfall, Iceland



We’re expecting photographs in which lighting plays a pivotal role. Submit images that demonstrate your mastery over light, including its quality, direction and effect on the subject. We want to see how you’ve used shadows and highlights to sculpt the scene, enhance textures and set a mood. Innovative techniques that elevate the subject are particularly appreciated.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

woman profile silhouette in dark



We want to see images that showcase the intricate details of miniature subjects. Images should emphasise clarity, composition and a background that supports but does not overpower the subject. Send us images that reveal tiny, captivating worlds in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and visually fascinating.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

The honey bee feeds on the nectar of a chamomile flower. Yellow and white chamomile flowers are all around, the bee is out of focus, the background and foreground are out of focus. Macro photography.

Photo Editing


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For digitally edited photos, we want images that showcase your skills in enhancing photographs creatively and tastefully. Submit works where editing elevates the subject enough to be compelling, without becoming overpowering. We’ll be watching out for any well-balanced colour grading, seamless retouches and various other inventive techniques that help craft stunning visuals.

Prize: 11in iPad Pro 256GB, Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

Overhead view of photographer editing photos at his studio. Photographer editing photos after a photo shoot using graphic tablet and stylus pen. Focus on photographer.



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Portrait entries should tell stories through expressions, body language and environment. Whether lit artificially or naturally, your image should have thoughtful lighting choices that highlight a subject’s features and show depth. Simplicity or complexity in composition are appreciated, provided they enhance our connection with the subject.

Prize: Godox mystery prize, Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

Side view portrait of overjoyed happy young adult woman smiling and having fu laughing in outdoor leisure activity alone with nature in background. Traveler and tourist. People outside enjoying life



We’re looking for street photography that captures candid moments amid the rhythms of urban life. Submit images that tell stories or highlight remarkable moments in everyday scenarios. Focus on composition, interaction between human subjects and their environment, and distilling the feeling and energy of the street.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

High shot of man with orange umbrella in rain against patterned stone pavement



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We’re looking for images that capture the heart and soul of a wedding. Focus on emotional moments, compelling storytelling and the atmosphere of the big day. Images should showcase your ability to handle complex lighting and can focus on grand occasions or the subtleties of intimate scenes. We value creative composition and the capacity to convey the essence of the event.

Prize: MPB vouchers worth £500, Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

Bride and groom stand in a beautiful green garden on a warm autumn day. Newlyweds walk along the trees alley in the park. Wedding walk of the bride and groom at sunset. Beautiful kiss of newlyweds



We invite you to submit wildlife photographs that showcase the behaviour and beauty of animals in their natural habitat. Subjects should be in sharp focus and images composed thoughtfully. We’ll be in search of photographs that capture a unique moment, behaviour or characteristic, with clever use of lighting and a unique perspective.

Prize: Affinity Universal Licence worth £159.99

Female Kingfisher emerging from the water after an unsuccessful dive to grab a fish. Taking photos of these beautiful birds is addicitive now I need to go back again.

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