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SanDisk Desk Drive 8GB high-capacity SSD announced

Posted on May 7, 2024

Western Digital has expanded its SanDisk series with the launch of the SanDisk Desk Drive 8GB, its largest capacity yet in an external desktop SSD

Desk Drive 8GB is targeted at content creators and business professionals who require substantial storage capacity for large volumes of photos videos and other high-resolution content.


The Desk Drive is available in 4TB and 8TB models and is designed to store large photo and video collections, CAD files, 3D renders, music libraries and documents.

The SSD offers read speeds reaching up to 1,000 MB/s to support the management of demanding files like 8K videos.

It also supports automated backups through Apple Time Machine and Acronis True Image.

On top of this impressive spec, we think the Desk Drive looks great too, with a small and attractive form factor that should fit neatly on most desks.

A person sitting at a well-organized desk in a bright room, viewing multiple photos on a large computer screen. The SanDisk Desk Drive SSD is connected to a laptop and placed beside a keyboard and other desk items, illustrating its use in a professional creative workflow
© Western Digital

Compatibility and pricing

The SanDisk Desk Drive is formatted with exFAT for immediate compatibility with Windows and macOS systems and includes a USB Type-C cable.

It retails at £359.99 (4TB) £663.99 (8TB) and is available from the Western Digital Store and authorised SanDisk distributors.

16TB is coming

If 8TB is not enough, you’ll be pleased to hear that Susan Park, Vice President of Consumer Solutions at Western Digital, has indicated plans to double the capacity of the SanDisk Desk Drive to 16TB in the upcoming year. Great news for content creators.

For more information on the SanDisk Desk Drive 8GB and other Western Digital products, visit the website.

A close-up view of the SanDisk Desk Drive SSD on a dark wooden desk, connected to a laptop via a USB cable, with a smartphone propped up next to it. The drive features a sleek design with a grey top and an orange accent line.
© Western Digital

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