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Vanguard announces VEO 3T Travel Tripods

Posted on Sep 14, 2021

The new series of tripods meets the growing demand for versatile equipment for photographers and vloggers

Vanguard’s VEO 3T Travel Tripods aim to help photographers and content creators produce high-quality images that set them apart from everybody else.

Vanguard has recognised the need for a tripod that’s compatible with both professional level cameras and smartphones and which supports the creation of still images or video.

Photographers can anticipate a solid, stable tripod system capable of supporting a load of up to 12kg, which has a maximum height of 166cm and folds down to a compact 41cm – making it a great, portable option when shooting in various locations in one day. Vanguard is known for providing a wide range of features, and these tripods are no exception: you can expect Arca compatible heads, a low angle adaptor, a hook at the base of the central column for attaching additional weight, spiked feet and a tripod bag to be included with your VEO 3T Travel Tripod.

The tripods also include features that will appeal to vloggers seeking better control whilst filming, such as an Arca compatible ball head with a removable pan handle, plus a Bluetooth remote control for IOS or Android. Vanguard are also launching a new Arca compatible quick release plate used to hold a camera or smartphone up to 85mm wide, giving users even more options when filming on the go. A cold shoe on top of the central column also allows accessories such as a light or microphone to be attached for capturing high-quality footage and audio at the same time.

The tripod canopy has two 3/8” threads that can be used to attach two more tripod support arms or other accessories, so that you can carry everything you need for your shoot with just one tripod. The tripods have 3 easy-set leg angles (20°, 50° and 80°) that allow you to capture low angle or macro shots with ease, with a reversible central column that enables a quick setup. The low angle adaptor has a 1/4” thread which means it can be used with any tripod head.

One leg of the tripod can convert rapidly into a monopod, a useful feature that helps you to capture great shots when you can’t or don’t need to use a tripod. The tripods have rubber or spiked feet, making them suitable for use on a range of terrains, and can be easily cleaned after use in more challenging conditions.

There will also be three tripod head options available to buy separately in November 2021:

Option 1 – for mid to full-sized tripods

The VEO BP-120T with either the aluminium VEO 3T 265HABP or the carbon fibre 3T 265HCBP

  • Base diameter: 58mm
  • Load capacity: up to 12kg

Option 2 – for travel to mid-sized tripods

The VEO BP-50T with the aluminium VEO 3T 235ABP or carbon fibre VEO 3T 235CBP

  • Base diameter: 50mm
  • Load capacity: up to 8kg

Option 3 – for travel tripods and monopods

The VEO BP-45

  • Base diameter: 42mm
  • Load capacity: 4kg

Vanguard will launch its VEO 3T series exclusively at The Photography Show, which runs from 18-21 September.

The tripods will retail at prices ranging from £179.99 to £269.99. Visit Vanguard’s website to find out more.

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