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Design your own coffee table book with WhiteWall

Posted on Sep 16, 2021

WhiteWall’s Coffee Table Books service means you can create and design professional-level books from high quality materials using your own photographs, simply and without fuss

Coffee table books using your own photographs are an expression of your personal creativity, giving you plenty of space and the perfect finish for the photographic art you produce. They stand for understated design, quiet aesthetics, and a passion for photography. Your most memorable images are transformed into a self-designed artistic book with the perfect effects as an exclusive presentation of your best work.

To create compositions for photographic books in large format and to present your own pictures in a high-quality photography book, WhiteWall offers unique solutions: a classic format as an art book and album, a small presentation, an extensive photo project or a coffee table book. Inspired by the high quality of the coffee table books of the most renowned photographers in the world.

With WhiteWall Coffee Table Books, special emphasis is placed on high-quality materials and manufacturing quality and production according to the highest standards in craftsmanship. The range is based on coffee table photograph books and therefore on simple layouts, styles and backgrounds that focus on the photos. In addition, there are no logos or barcodes on the coffee table books, emphasizing the professional character of the product.

As the best online photo lab and professional image workshop, WhiteWall offers three ways to order: online, via a completely new downloadable software, or via a PDF upload. All of these options lead you step-by-step to an individually designed, high-quality coffee table book – the design process is easy to implement and absolutely user-friendly.

Powerful photographs such as perfectly staged architectural or nature photographs and personal portraits, all need space to unfold their full effect. For this reason, the WhiteWall Coffee Table Book can also be designed in an elegant large format up to A3 – freely selectable between portrait and landscape – so that your coffee table book can always be ideally adapted to the type of photography and the images.

“Our goal is to always offer our customers only the absolute best. We have more than achieved this goal with the new coffee table book from WhiteWall. Our coffee table books are produced in our own workshop, and reach a whole new level”, says WhiteWall Managing Director and founder Alexander Nieswandt.

WhiteWall’s Coffee Table Book range offers different formats, paper types, covers and endpapers so you get a very individual result.

Essentially, the larger the images can be presented, the more impressive the coffee table book will be. Exhibition A4 Portrait (20.5 x 27 cm) or, if there are a lot of panorama images to display, Exhibition A4 landscape (27 x 20.5 cm) are both ideal formats for any design project.  The Gallery Square (29 x 29 cm) coffee table book format has a creative effect. Impressive photos should also be displayed in the right size and produced in Portfolio A3 format (portrait: 27 x 35.6 cm, landscape: 38.2 x 29 cm). Starting from 28 pages – expandable by 4 pages at a time – and up to 200 pages depending on the paper selection, the WhiteWall Coffee Table Book is ideal for even the most demanding projects.

The special feel of a coffee table book makes it truly come to life, meeting the highest demands. That means that high-quality paper is also an important design feature, guaranteeing extraordinary print results with brilliant colors, precise contrasts and captivating image depth. In the future, customers will be able to choose from six carefully selected branded papers with different thicknesses and surfaces – with glossy, high-gloss or silk-matt finishes.

For the high-quality inkjet papers, WhiteWall uses modern inkjet printing for the coffee table books and an elastic glue binding for classic book binding. The use of inkjet printing for photo books is an absolute innovation in the market. High-resolution inkjet printing is particularly suitable for detailed photographs, brilliant colors and sharpness of detail. The innovative Fuji photo papers use a traditional photographic printing method. Here, panorama layflat binding reduces the fold to a minimum, making it ideal for large-format photographs on double pages. No disturbing folds interrupt the viewer’s eye.

It doesn’t only begin with the designed content; the discerning class of the coffee table book should be unmistakable from the very first page. The cover is what truly gives you the first impression of a book.  With a particularly high thickness of 3mm and a choice of matt or glossy finishes, the sturdy hardcover of the WhiteWall Coffee Table Book immediately conveys the elegance and exquisite feel of a high-quality art book. The completely free design options of the cover allow your creative ideas to run wild. WhiteWall also offers a standard choice of inner cover pages for photo paper and front cover paper for inkjet printing – modern and stylish in white, or classically elegant in black.

Three paths to perfection

At WhiteWall, there are three paths you can take to design your own coffee table book:

  • A simple online order in the browser on, without any need for downloading. A practical and brand-new solution as it can be viewed and edited from anywhere with a storage time of 90 days. In addition, the cloud-based option allows you to share the book with friends or clients during the design process.
  • The completely new download software for Windows, Mac and Linux, especially developed for creating book projects, is the perfect option for achieving more extensive projects. With myriad features as well as a wizard function, WhiteWall brings together a user-friendly application with the full range of design options.
  • Design books yourself with your own software and you can order your individually created coffee table books via print-ready PDF upload at WhiteWall. This feature offers full flexibility, as it is designed for programs such as Adobe InDesign including templates for download.

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