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The new and improved PortraitPro 23 is here

Posted on Nov 25, 2022

An update on the editing software, PortraitPro 23 offers new features, like art effects, lighting adjustments, and more

Anthropics Technology has released the latest version of PortraitPro, a photo-editing software specifically designed for retouching. The update introduces several new features, including Stray Hair Removal Tool, Art Effects and Backlighting Brush.

PortraitPro 23 users can enhance their photos by manipulating colour, lighting, and texture to achieve dramatically different looks. First, the Stray Hair Removal Tool lets photographers remove frizz and flyaways and erase stubble for a smoother, tidier look. Meanwhile, the Backlighting Brush lets users fiddle with lighting to make their subjects pop or blend into the background. Lastly, PortraitPro offers existing themes, like oil painting and pop art, so users can ‘illustrate’ their images without switching softwares.

PortraitPro 23 is available in Standard, Studio, and Studio Max editions. Standard supports JPG and 24-bit TIFF files; Studio additionally accepts RAW and DNG formats; and Studio Max includes automatic batch processing and extra storage. All versions are now fully compatible with M1/M2 Mac computers.

Prices range from £49.95 (Standard) to £154.95 (Studio Max). To learn more or download a free trial, visit

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