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British Photography finds a new home

Posted on Nov 8, 2022

The Centre for British Photography will open in January 2023 to showcase the diversity of photography of the country

Stationed at 49 Jermyn Street in London (SW1Y 6LX), the Centre for British Photography will build on the world-renowned Hyman Collection and the work of the Hyman Foundation. Spanning three floors, exhibitions will present the diverse landscape of British photography today, while providing important historical context. Looking to inspire artists young and old, the Centre is free to visit year-round and will offer events, talks, a shop, an archive and a library alongside the main attractions.

James and Claire Hyman began the collection in 1996, with photographs from as far back as 1900 that encapsulate life in the UK. The works include British photographers and images taken by immigrants from history to the present day. Self-generated shows and those led by independent curators will appear throughout the year, bringing together the photographic community with a jam-packed programme.

The Hyman Collection – now a registered charity – includes over 3,000 significant works by more than 100 artists. To this point, it has only been available as an online news source, but now regional museums, galleries and photography collectives will also be invited to use the space.

Founding director, James Hyman promises to give British photography more exposure and support with “a hub that increases national and international status”, while Deputy Director, Tracy Marshall-Grant spotlights the inclusivity and diversity at the heart of the Hyman Foundation; the collection finds balance in the number of works it holds by men and women. “Through commissions, grants, exhibitions, acquisitions and sales” the Centre will support British photographers, she explains.

Two major events will open the Centre: a self-portrait show co-curated by the campaign group Fast Forward: Women in Photography; and The English at Home – a collection of over 150 images illustrating the domestic interior of the UK. Four In Focus displays will spotlight specific bodies of work, while two commissions by the Foundation will appear.

Want to get involved? A print sale goes live on 17 November with funds going towards the Centre and the Hyman Foundations’ support efforts. You can access the sale via the Centre for British Photography website.

You can follow The Centre for British Photography on Instagram: @centre_for_british_photography

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