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Canon announces CN7x17 KAS T cine servo lens

Posted on Jun 5, 2024

Canon has introduced the CN7x17 KAS T, the newest model in its Cine Servo lens lineup

Available in RF and PL mounts, this lens builds on the previous CN7x version, offering improved performance and greater compatibility with virtual and VFX workflows.

Optical features

The CN7x17 KAS T lens features a 7x optical zoom and a focal length range of 17-120mm. It is designed for a variety of uses, including live sports, news, documentaries, films, and virtual productions.

The lens includes 11 iris blades to produce smooth highlights and soft, out-of-focus backgrounds.

Connectivity and metadata

The CN7x17 KAS T offers enhanced connectivity between the lens and camera, enabling real-time lens distortion correction and frame-by-frame lens metadata.

It supports virtual production workflows with an Unreal Engine plug-in tailored for the EOS C400. The PL mount version of the lens is compatible with Cooke /i Technology and ZEISS eXtended Data for lens metadata and distortion/shading correction.

Canon CN7x17 KAS T | Image: Canon
Canon CN7x17 KAS T | Image: Canon

Digital drive unit

The lens is equipped with the e-Xs V digital drive unit, and features optical focus breathing correction and faster iris control. A USB-C interface allows for remote control and user setting transfer.


The CN7x17 KAS T is designed for use in various production environments and is compatible with Canon’s RF and PL mount systems.

For more information, visit Canon’s official website.

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