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See the Light this Summer with MPB

Posted on Jun 4, 2024

Long summer days are the perfect opportunity to get out and about with your camera

Need some motivation to get out and make the most of the long summer days? Trade in your old gear for an MPB-approved set-up

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As we approach the longest day of the year, the next few months are arguably some of the best for taking photos.

Not only is there the warmer weather and extra hours of light to enjoy today, but the crisp, clean air and vivid colours of autumn are just around the corner. 

With all this beauty to enjoy, there’s no better time to inject some new life into your kitbag with a gear trade-in.

Below are a few ideas, all of which you can find at, offering a quick and easy way to get quality used kit with complete peace of mind. 

Number one is to shed a few pounds.

This time of year is for spending as much time outside as possible.

Whether it’s extensive walks in the countryside looking for idyllic landscape scenes, hours stomping the streets in search of split-second perfection or long days shooting on-location, the lighter your gear, the better.

Not only does it save your back, but it boosts agility when shooting, ensuring fast reactions when it matters most. Whether you’re going from DSLR to mirrorless, full-frame to APS-C or looking for a compact camera as an everyday carry, it’s always nice to take a load off.

Number two is to explore more.

It’s prime holiday season, but if you’re anything like us, travel can be a mixed bag of emotions.

The thought of photographing exotic sights and cultures is endlessly exciting, so naturally you want as many lens options in your bag as possible.

However, limited luggage allowances can mean compromising on gear, leading to asking ‘what if’ – and that is a recipe for anxiety.

A superzoom lens is the perfect way to avoid all this.

By covering everything from wide angle right through to telephoto in a single package, these versatile optics roll a huge number of lenses into one. 

With this in mind, maybe it’s time to trade in a couple of those old primes you never use and enjoy ultimate versatility?

Alternatively, opting for a fixed-lens camera can be a great option.

By limiting yourself to only a single camera and lens combination, gear indecision is completely eliminated, while creative focus is amplified.

Number three, get closer.

With summer comes an abundance of insects; bees buzzing to butterflies fluttering and dragonflies darting.

This presents the perfect time to capture the fascinating beauty of the macro world. 

Beyond insects, the subject of your lens could be a frog, a snail, a flower – even a humble blade of grass. When you get close enough, the most mundane objects can become remarkable.

Investing in a macro lens unlocks this alien world. With some practice and patience, it can yield results you will treasure for a lifetime.

Number four – go further.

A sure sign that summer’s here is the sound of birdsong.

The trees, hedgerows, riverbanks and coastlines come alive with songbirds, waterfowl and birds of prey, but getting close enough to photograph these notoriously timid animals can be a challenge. 

The answer? A telephoto lens.

Longer lenses can transport you to the heart of the action without disturbing it, which is essential for bird photography – and indeed any wildlife photography. 

Telephoto lenses are also a great way to pick out interesting compositions from broader landscapes, and can also be very capable portrait lenses, making them quite versatile. 

Number five is to use the light on your own terms.

While longer days mean more time to create pictures, daylight can sometimes be unmanageable; take control by using a lens filter.

There are various types to choose from, all offering different benefits. The beauty of it is they take up very little extra space in your bag. 

Spending long days on the beach? Take an ND filter to capture some dreamy long exposures.

Going on a long hike? Use a polarising filter to get the most vivid colours in your landscapes.

Need maximum quality and extra protection? A UV filter shields your lens’ front element from dust, dirt and scratches while simultaneously improving the image quality of your shots.

By experimenting with filters, you can find new inspiration everywhere for a relatively small cost. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a fresh start, now’s the time!

MPB stands as the largest global platform for buying, selling and trading photography gear. It recirculates over 500,000 cameras, lenses and accessories, serving over 625,000 image makers. 

Not only does this mean a huge selection of products, but also excellent service, which is built on unrivalled experience in the industry.

Whether it’s the hassle-free dynamic pricing engine that provides the right price up front, the first-class customer service or the commitment to creating a sustainable circular economy, there’s simply no better choice for trading, upgrading and getting paid for your used gear.

Don’t believe us? Just ask the 19,000 reviewers that have contributed to MPB’s ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating.

This feature was first published in Issue 115 of Photography News.

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