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Canon EOS R1 is coming in 2024

Posted on May 15, 2024

Canon has officially announced the development of the EOS R1, the first flagship model in the EOS R SYSTEM

Slated for release in 2024, this full-frame mirrorless camera is designed to meet the standards of professionals in fields such as sports, news and video production.

We don’t have too many details about the new camera, only that it is a significant step up from the EOS R3. Below is what we do know.

New sensor and processor

Central to the EOS R1’s advancements is the integration of a newly developed processor, the DIGIC Accelerator, with the existing DIGIC X processor.

Canon says this combination will work in partnership with a new sensor to deliver rapid processing of large volumes of data and will be perfectly complemented by new improvements to AI-powered autofocus.

EOS R1 with RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM product photo on white background
EOS R1 with RF24-70mm F2.8 L IS USM | Credit: Canon Inc

AI-powered autofocus

The new AF system utilises deep learning technology and promises to dramatically enhance subject recognition speeds and accuracy.

Sports is a genre this is particularly aimed at with the company reporting the camera’s ability to easily lock onto and track subjects amidst the chaos of a sports event, even when other players move in front of the target subject.

However, the really interesting aspect of this new AF system is the Action Priority function. Canon claims this feature is able to identify and focus on players performing key actions like shooting a ball to help ensure critical focus on key moments.

Canon says is it currently testing the EOS R1 in the field and, while no exact date has ben set, the company tells us the camera will be released at some point in 2024.

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