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Cling like a koala with Benro’s two new tripods

Posted on May 4, 2022

Are you an image creator who wants to defy gravity with their creative potential? Look no further than TablePod Flex and KoalaPod tripods. 

Benro have continued their commitment to creatives requiring a higher level of stabilisation with the release of the TablePod Flex and KoalaPod tripods.

First up, the TablePod Flex. A pliable, yet robust solution, it combines rigid carbon fibre legs with malleable legs to create a modular system that facilitates a range of configurations. Whether you are dangling from a tree, using a pole as a rig, or simply shooting in a tight spot, the TablePod can be wrapped around almost any object and used like a traditional tripod. Conveniently, the flexible legs are stored inside the rigid ones!

It includes an arca-compatible ball head with 360° pan rotation and built-in pan scale, an arca-compatible quick-release plate and two built-in 90° notches for simple switching between landscape and portrait orientations. Attach traditional accessories or use flex legs as additional accessory arms.

When you purchase the kit, you get three flex legs, a set of three feet, a phone holder, and a case with a carabiner to attach to a backpack or camera bag. Handily, the auxiliary lock ring secures the legs in place, amplifying adaptability, while the rubber feet ensure true stability on flat surfaces.

Folding up to compact size – just 30.5cm, the kit weighs 0.43kg and will support up to 3kg, making it truly portable and perfect for photography, live streaming, virtual meetings and more.

The KoalaPod is a ‘koality’ (I had to!) device geared towards mobile phones and compact cameras. Like its table-top counterpart, the ball head means easy transition between portrait and landscape modes, while the aux lock secures it in place. This one also includes a quick-lock clamp to stop any drifting of the legs. You can add additional legs to mount microphones, LED lights and more. The KoalaPod is also smaller than the TablePod, measuring just 26.6com long when folded and weighing 0.22kg. It can support a load of 1.5kg.

Both tripods are available now, with the TablePod £140; the KoalaPod is around £35. Additional accessories cost around £9.

For more information, head to Benro’s website.

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