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Godox Announces New Hard Series and Pixel Series Panel Lights

Posted on Apr 12, 2024

Godox, will broaden its portfolio with the launch of the Hard Series P600R Hard and P1200R Hard, and the Pixel Series P300R and P600R

Hard Series Brings Power

As the name suggests, Godox’s Hard Series lights are high-powered LED light panels delivering harder results and these new additions certainly pack a punch. The P600R Hard draws up to 650W of power, while the P1200R Hard goes up to 1200W, positioning it as one of the most powerful in its field.

Despite their high output, the lights maintain a compact form factor and with CRI and TLCI ratings of >96, these new products will certainly catch the eye of pro creators who value portability.

Godox P1200R Hard, panel light positioned in studio environment
Godox P1200R Hard panel light | © Godox

Pixel Series Brings Versatility

The Pixel Series, comprising the P300R and P600R, are high pixel density soft RGBWW panel lights, designed for pixel mapping and virtual production systems. These panels provide a spectrum of colour gamut options and ensure uniform colour consistency, essential for creating natural and immersive lighting effects.

CRI and TLCI ratings are >96 and the lights support DMX, CRMX, Ethernet and Bluetooth control. The latter provides compatibility with the new Knowled app, which is deigned for remote DMX management and light mapping. Click here for more information and free download.

For more information on the Godox P600R Hard, P1200R Hard, P300R and P600R panel lights, visit Godox’s official website.

Godox P300R and P600R panel lights positioned in studio environment
Godox P300R and P600R panel lights | © Godox

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