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Lumix S5II and S5IIX Firmware Update Adds Camera to Cloud Compatibility

Posted on Apr 11, 2024

Panasonic has released significant firmware updates for the Lumix S5II and S5IIX cameras, bringing additional shooting and sharing capabilities

The Lumix S5II Firmware V3.0 and S5IIX Firmware V2.0 updates are available for download from April 22, 2024, with the aim to improve efficiency across both production and post-production workflows. Below is a roundup of the highlights.

Integration with Adobe

A notable feature of this firmware update is the integration with Adobe’s platform, enabling the Lumix S5II and S5IIX cameras to automatically upload, back up, share and collaborate on images and videos via the cloud.

This integration facilitates a direct connection between the cameras and the cloud platform through Wi-Fi or USB tethering, allowing for real-time feedback and collaborative editing as you shoot.

The aim is to streamline the workflow from capture to post-production, potentially increasing productivity for users.

Front on product photo of a Panasonic Lumix S5IIX camera on a white background
Lumix S5IIX | © Panasonic

Autofocus and EIS Enhancements

Autofocus enhancements include the ability to recognise animals, cars and motorcycles, aimed at improving subject tracking in various shooting conditions.

The firmware also introduces an Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) upgrade to the S5II and S5IIX, with a new ‘High’ mode for more extreme movements.

Additionally, there is a new perspective distortion correction feature which, according to Panasonic, is designed to correct distortion from wide angle lenses.

SH Pre-Burst Shooting Mode

SH pre-burst shooting mode is another new feature to be introduced. This mode means the camera begins capturing a burst of images as soon as the shutter button is pressed halfway, giving photographers an extra buffer in those fleeting moments.

The Lumix S5II Firmware V3.0 and S5IIX Firmware V2.0 will be available for free download on April 22, 2024 from the Lumix Global Customer Support website.

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