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Cokin NX-Series unveiled

Posted on Nov 5, 2021

Cokin has announced the NX-Series 100mm filter system, available for purchase exclusively in the UK and Ireland

The NX-Series filter holder system allows 100mm filters to be used on ultra-wide-angle lenses of 14mm or more in some cases. The holder system is compatible with Cokin Nuances Extreme filters, Nuances Clearsky and Infrared IR720, and Cokin adapter rings in size ‘L’, available from ø49mm to ø95mm. The filters are also compatible with other 100mm filters, provided that they have a thickness of 2mm.

The NX-Series includes a dedicated polarising filter with a slim mount that goes right next to the lens and can be rotated to the required angle using the adjustment wheel. The filter is extremely efficient, absorbing only one f-stop of light.

The frames are available in 3 sizes: 100mm x 100mm for square filters, 100 x 143.5mm for Nuances Extreme graduated filters, and 100 x 150mm for graduated filters from other manufacturers.

Constructed using premium aluminium, the filter holders are compact and lightweight. They utilise ball bearings to ensure smooth and precise operation when inserting the filter frames into their slots. The frames are easy to use and have in-built additional protection.

All items in the NX-Series are bought separately. Alternatively, you can save money overall by purchasing one of five kits on offer from Cokin. These include a Starter Kit, Long Exposure Kit, Landscape Kit, Expert Kit and Professional Kit. More information, including prices, can be found on the website.

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