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Concrete in Life competition kicks off

Posted on Oct 21, 2020

Featured image 2019’s Urban design and use professional winner, Pedro Ajuriaguerra Saiz

The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) has launched its second annual Concrete in Life competition. Open to professionals and amateurs alike, the competition seeks to highlight the surprising everyday beauty of concrete, as well as its practical uses and sustainability advantages.

Concrete in Life is divided into four categories. Urban Design and Use showcases cityscapes and buildings. Infrastructure encompasses structures that enable our lives, such as roads, bridges, stations and dams. The Concrete in Daily Life category adds a human element, highlighting how it’s used daily, in smaller-scale applications. The final category, Concrete on Video, is open to video clips up to one minute long, featuring concrete in any facet.

One professional and one amateur winner will be chosen for each category, as selected by panel of industry experts. Of these eight winners, one will be crowned overall competition champion with the best Concrete in Life photo of the year and awarded $10,000 (roughly £7660). The remaining seven will receive a $2500 prize (roughly £1920).

Concrete in Life 2019 overall winner
2019’s Practical concrete amateur winner and overall competition champion, Rolando Batacan

To enter, participants must post their entry picture on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ConcreteInLife, along with the hashtag for the category they’d like to enter: #UrbanConcrete, #ConcreteInfrastructure, #ConcreteInDailyLife or #ConcreteInLifeVideo. They must also tag the GCCA, using @the.gcca on Instagram or @theGCCA on Twitter.

The competition is open until 18 November 2020.

For more information, please visit the GCCA website.

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