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Epson unveils its first-ever 12-ink printers

Posted on Oct 1, 2019

Designed to deliver prints and proofs to exceptional standards, the SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 feature 12-colour inkset and a host of innovations making them reliable, fast and user-friendly

Epson’s latest printers, the SureColor SC-P7500 (24in wide) and SC-P9500 (44in wide) are the company’s first to use a 12-colour inkset giving an exceptionally wide colour gamut with 99% Pantone coverage.

Images SC-P9500 (above), SC-P7500 (below)


Targetted at photographers, fine art printers and professional proofers, these two large format printers use Epson’s newly developed Pro12 inkset with K3 technology which reduced graininess and advanced black & white outout. The standard colours of cyan, magenta and yellow, the inkset includes green, orange and violet and matt and photo black can be used simultaneously. Deeper blacks are possible through an enhancement overcoating technology for even more dramatic results.


Image Danny Clifford is a leading rock and music photographer and an Epson ambassador. He’s hired by many of the world’s most iconic music acts as their photographer for his expertise and vision. See his work on his website.


In addition to the 12-colour inkset the printers use advanced PrecisionCore Micro TFP printer heads that use up to 800 nozzles for each colour and give perfectly round and consistent ink droplets at a 300dpi resolution.


Image Indira Flack is an expert portrait photographer and an Epson ambassador. One of her personal projects is to photograph great British racing drivers, past, present and future. See her work on the GBRD website.


“In order to produce products that are truly innovative, we have to listen to what our customers really need, and what they don’t need,” says Phil McMullin, pro graphics sales manager, Epson UK. “This allows us to build printers with no superfluous technology – and focus on what matters most to those who are using them, every day. With this is mind, I believe that we’ve achieved something special that offers greater creative freedom and new potential business opportunities to our users.” He added, “To be able to offer 12-colour photo printers is a genuine first for us at Epson. This is further complemented by impressive print speeds, output quality and a user-friendly interface. Everything is designed to work in perfect harmony as we offer the complete solution – printer, inks, substrates, software and support.



Both the SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 will be available from this December at prices to be confirmed.

For more information, please visit the Epson website.

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