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Gtizo celebrates 100 years of innovation

To mark the occasion Gitzo is giving away limited edition books by Colin Prior

Gitzo is celebrating 100 years of innovation and to mark the occasion has a special customer offer. Launching at the Photography Show on 18 March all purchases of Gitzo Systematic tripods will receive a limited edition, lithographically printed book, commissioned by landscape photographer and Gitzo ambassador Colin Prior. This exclusive offer will be available until the end of the year. For more information read the official press release below:

Celebrating 100 Years of Gitzo
Buy any Systematic tripod and receive a boxed, limited edition Colin Prior collectable book free of charge

For the past 100 years Gitzo has been a pioneer in producing the finest camera accessories and supports using the simplest, most straightforward and elegant solutions available. Striving for perfection from the very beginning, Gitzo’s carefully crafted products are superbly engineered using some of the most advanced and revolutionary technologies in the market.

Recognised by professionals over the world as setting the standard for excellence, Gitzo innovations include the first use of carbon and basalt fibre to make tripods and magnesium to make heads. This quest for innovation and perfection matched with unrivalled enthusiasm, philosophy and traditions puts Gitzo products in a class of their own.

To celebrate 100 years of innovation, Gitzo will give any customers who purchase a Systematic tripod a bespoke, lithographically printed, limited edition book commissioned by Colin Prior.

Gitzo’s strongest and most stable tripods, the Systematic range is also modular – with a top casting element that opens and closes to allow each tripod to be configured with a flat disk, geared or sliding centre colum, levelling base or other Systematic accessoires. The Systematic tripods feature Carbon eXact tubes, ultra stable feet for a solid footing and maximum stability on any surface, and the Easy Link attachment for attaching various accessories.

Colin Prior is one of the world’s most respected landscape photographers. His photographs capture sublime moments of light and land. He has travelled to over forty countries throughout the world to meticulously capture visionary landscape photography. Colin has used Gitzo products for years in his work, and as such is a Gitzo ambassador working closely with the brand.

“During the past 30 years, I have worked exclusively with Gitzo tripods and was an early covert to the Mountaineer range of carbon-fibre tripods when they were first introduced. Image sharpness has as much to do with camera shake as it has with lens design and the stability offered by the Gitzo range of tripods eradicates this concern. The updated Systematic range sets new ground in terms of strength and stability and are my go to tripod for any shoot.”

Hosted by Gitzo, Colin will be working with Gitzo to launch the 100 years celebration by holding an exclusive talk at The Photography Show on the 19th March speaking about his current project ‘The Living Mountain’.

For further information please visit the Gitzo website.

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