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The small, but mighty PavoBulb 10C platform from Nanlite

Posted on Apr 25, 2022

Nanlite promises excessive ambience with the PavoBulb 10C platform – a must-have for filmmakers.

Nanlite has opted for practical and captivating with its new PavoBulb. The 10C bulb features 2700-7500K alongside a CRI of 95 and TLCI of 97 with GIM adjustments. Let creativity lead the way, as freedom to tailor lighting is enhanced, making scene building lightning fast. Or, if CCT or Hue is your thing, discover the perfect lighting to suit any mood.

With fully customisable effects, the PavoBulb presents the opportunity for ornamentation and emotion throughout sequences. Innovative aperture gives control over spill, while full creative mastery can be enjoyed with the array of fine-tuning options on offer – both wired and remote controls, and a DMX adapter, to name a few.

Expert RGBWW colour-mixing technology and precision-engineering also come into play in the design of the dome, where the output light is gorgeous and radiant. The ‘Bouncer Suction Cup’ offers adjustability by improving the beam angle, while perfectly positioned buttons, control through the handy NANLINK App and extensive power solutions are also key features.

The ultra-compact 10C (weighing in at just 170g) is available in both 4 and 12 kit configurations, complete with accompanying accessories.

The PavoBulb ranges from £75 to £1,416, depending on whether you opt for a single LED bulb or one of the kits.

To read more about the new PavoBulb, go to Nanlite’s website.

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