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Hasselblad Launches 907X and CFV 100C

Posted on Mar 12, 2024

A modular marvel

The 907X and CFV 100C offers unmatched compatibility and image quality for professionals, albeit at a premium price point

Beloved by pros, high-end manufacturer Hasselblad has launched what it’s calling its most compatible 100-megapixel medium format camera to date.

The modular design of the 907X and CFV 100C incorporates a new 100-megapixel back-side illuminated sensor, doubling the resolution of its predecessor, the 907X and CFV II 50C, while weighing 120g less.

Believing it now has the smallest and most powerful medium format camera in the industry, the 907X and CFV 100C is compatible with all the company’s XCD, HC/HCD and Xpan lenses, enabling users to achieve the best possible image straight out of camera. 

The CFV 100C will also breathe new life into Hasselblad V System cameras, including the 500 and 200 series.

Photographers can use their beloved film cameras with the new sensor to achieve digital-age picture quality, while also maintaining the unique experience of shooting at waist level.

Likewise, a boon to Hasselblad shooters is the 2.36-million-dot, 3.2-inch touchscreen display incorporated within the classic design, which also features a leather-like surface and chrome frame.

Its viewfinder can be further tilted upwards from 40 to 90° as desired, achieving a range of perspectives. For image quality, colours are captured precisely as the human eye perceives them, with an impressive 15 stops of dynamic range provided.

Its phase detection AF also uses 294 zones spread over the 100-megapixel sensor’s surface, with a generous 1TB of onboard memory.

All this technology inevitably requires deep pockets.

Expect to pay circa £6729 for the new 907X and CFV 100C.

This article was first published in Issue 114 of Photography News.

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