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Hasselblad X2D 100C dual lens field kit now available

Posted on Mar 29, 2023

The 100-megapixel medium format model now comes in a set paired with wide-angle prime lenses, targeted at travel and documentary photographers

Hasselblad’s flagship X2D 100C medium format mirrorless camera has been paired with a couple of the company’s wide-angle prime lenses to create the new X2D 100C Lightweight Field Kit. 

This enticing proposition includes the body along with 21mm and 45mm lenses – weighing just 1810g in total, give or take the odd lens hood – making it ideal for long shoots, outdoor adventures or any creative wishing to travel light without compromise.

Launched last year, the X2D 100C features: a 100-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor with 15 stops of dynamic range; a five-axis in-body image stabilisation system offering up to seven stops of compensation; phase detection AF across 97% of the imaging area; and a built-in 1TB SSD with a write speed of 2370MB/s for storage. 

The body, made from a single block of machined aluminium alloy, weighs just 790g.

The lenses – the XCD 4/21 and 4/45P – provide 17mm and 36mm full-frame focal equivalence, respectively. Together they can cover a range of travel scenarios, including landscape, architecture and street, documentary and still-life photography, but may also be used in the studio. 

XCD 4/21 is the widest Hasselblad lens to date and boasts 13 elements in nine groups. As with other X System glass, the 4/21 contains an integrated central shutter providing full flash synchronisation up to 1/2000sec. Weighing 600g and accepting 77mm filters, it incorporates two aspherical elements to optimise results.

Similarly, the XCD 4/45P, though longer in focal length, is the lightest XCD optic – tipping the scales at a mere 320g. With a minimum focus distance of 35cm, featuring nine elements in seven groups and using a built-in leaf shutter for flash sync at all speeds, it is great for general-purpose use.

The only thing that isn’t lightweight about the X2D 100C Lightweight Field Kit is the price. It’s available now for around £11,440.  

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Originally featured in Issue 105 of Photography News.

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