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‘Kickstart’ your accessory kit the World’s First Magnetic Modular Filter

Posted on May 3, 2022

H&Y’s latest, the REVORING Swift, constructs tailor-made systems for photographers and filmmakers. Pledge your support to bring it to life.

Leading photography manufacturer H&Y has launched another Kickstarter campaign, but this time it’s for the ‘REVORING Swift’. It promises countless filter combinations and creative possibilities for landscape and wedding photographers, alongside filmmakers – simply snap and go!

After three long years of research and development, H&Y have manufactured the ‘world’s first modular filter system’, eliminating the need for step adapters. The Swift features a clip-on magnetic filter holder for 100mm filters – claiming a remarkable three-second set-up time – vastly different from any other brand. The magnetic variable density (VND) filter allows greater control over depth-of-field and exposure, while specially-designed end-stop prevents the accidental appearance of cross-polarisation when rolling.

The featherlight magnetic clip-on mini matte box (139g) helps block top and stray light and drastically minimises flare. Easily balanced on gimbals and drones, it is independent to the drop-in filters, meaning the box can be used only when it is required. Rear drop-in design enables swift change of filters without touching the front ­– unlike in traditional photography, where the front square must be removed to install the polarisers.

Equipped with a small control wheel, the polarisers rotate with ease. As drop-in filters cost considerably less than photography square filters or traditional 4×5.65” cinema filters, you can purchase multiple filters at once. The REVORING Swift also brings a collapsible and durable rubber lens hood, reducing glare and reflection – especially when shooting through glass.

Following on from the success of the previous REVORING campaign, the Swift supplies simple, lightning-fast installation and a one-filter-fits-all solution for every photographer or videographer. The array of filters means kits can be customised to suit any need, especially when working with two different camera set-ups – the shift from A-Cam to B-Cam has never been smoother.

To pledge your support, head to the REVORING Swift Kickstarter page.

For more on H&Y, see their website.

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